😬 People using the form editor to submit is a real thing

If you have been working with Forms long enough, you might have run into the following situation: someone from your team goes to the form editor, thinking it is the actual form and starts answering the question in the editor :scream:

A client recently did this :sweat_smile: he quickly realized his mistake but it was too late: the 4 first questions of the form have been ripped off, replaced by his answers, and the wording + emoji I chose were lost forever.

I learned two things from the experience:

:one: you need to backup your forms: duplicate the project before you make any big change, and store the backup project somewhere safe

:two: be aware of the permissions applied on the project, consider having everyone as « Comment only »

Asana did a too good job with the editor, it looks so good people believe that’s the real thing :sweat_smile::kissing_heart:

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@Jerod_Hillard this one will resonate with you!

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In a Team called “Template Safe” as a private, archived project! :joy:


Yep, definitely resonates with me @Bastien_Siebman as I passively mentioned this nightmare in a recent post:

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I can also see this happening, wish there was an edit button that you can switch between live and edit mode.


This would be a great solution,

This is poor design from Asana’s end.
Shouldn’t happen…

That kiss by Bastien at the end sums up the whole story! :wink:

Well, I too have come across this situation many times.

I would suggest showing the following buttons or headings at the top:
View Mode
Editor Mode

Hope it helps!

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CC: @Kimberlea @Emily_Roman

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Not that I am defending the current design - I am NOT - but just FYI I had an A-ha moment recently where I realized why I think they designed it this way and didn’t put attention on the fact that this issue could occur.

I remembered that Forms were essentially added to Asana as a way for people outside the organization/workspace - that is, non-Asana users - to submit requests into Asana. If you think in those terms, you would never have Asana users going to fill out a form and this issue wouldn’t occur.

Caveat: the above hypothesis is just an educated guess on my part, but I found that for me, it at least provides some possible insight into why the current design exists, because at first glance it looks like somewhat of a head-scratcher that it would be designed this way.


I do believe you are spot on @Phil_Seeman. The trouble lies in that Forms, as other features, tend to attract users to work WITHIN Asana so the problem starts to present itself. It’s a great v2 consideration and I’m sure the team sees that.