Offer (for Premium and above) a new rule "Start/Due date is approaching . . ." to trigger based on the earlier of Start date or Due date

Hi @lpb ,
Thanks for the work around. I’ll look into it and see if it helps.

Regarding voting for the topic that you linked to, I don’t think I’m going to vote for it because it’s not what I feel would be the most efficient way to go about this issue. If I understand you correctly, you suggest that a rule is introduced by which any task with an approaching start date would be added to a section.

With that rule in place, you would be able to see all the tasks with approaching start dates only when you sort all of your tasks by sections. If you were to to sort by due date, for example, I can’t see this being of much use. But please correct me if I’m wrong.

I would urge the @Forum-team to keep the two topics separate since they are not suggesting adding the same functionality.


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P. S. I just opened the other thread that you linked to with the work around.

I already use Asana2go but mainly for sorting my tasks based on the Eisenhower Matrix. @lpb thank you so much for creating this extension!

Unfortunately, I wouldn’t consider it a viable solution to this problem, especially for those that use the Asana mobile app extensively. This would require a daily generation of tasks, exporting, and not to mention the fact that it isn’t usable on mobile.

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@Forum-team, I’m really sorry, I agree with @DoraD about not merging her #product-feedback request with mine after closer scrutiny; could you undo? Sorry about that.

@DoraD, I feel both requests are voting for. I agree with you that they’re not the same. I think they both have merit (and 133 others already agree with me about this one!), but for different purposes. Sorry for gumming up the works and hope that they can be separated again.


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I completely agree! I should’ve been more precise with my wording. Your suggestion does indeed have merit, but in a different use case.


Hi @DoraD, @lpb I can certainly unmerge these requests! To do so, I’ll need you to confirm what you would like the #product-feedback title to be. Once you do this, I’ll move the thread :slight_smile:

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Hey! I believe the original title of my thread was something along the lines of:

Introduce ability to sort by Start Date

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This is it.
The upgrade to “My Tasks v2” was not Pareto optimal, as it made this feature unavailable.

Voted. Just having one for the end date isn’t super helpful.

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Being able to have a trigger for a rule based on start date would make my work so much better. At the moment I have to set due dates for whenever I’m going to start work on something so it will actually pop into my “Today” section on the day I want to be working on it.


Added my vote. This is a pretty significant gap and requires a lot of manual overhead to manage – in other words, it actually introduces the dread “Work About Work” that Asana is meant to reduce.


It would be really useful to make Rules based on a task start date, just like the Rules based on a task due date.

I use a kanban-style board to track ongoing projects, and each project has its own task. Two columns I use frequently in my board are “Planned & Upcoming” and “In Progress”. Once the start and due dates for a project are established, it would be helpful if the corresponding task automatically moves from “Planned & Upcoming” to “In Progress” once the start date arrives.

@Danny_Harrington, I think this duplicates my request from a while ago so I’ve moved your post there where you vote will count toward that request.



Has this not been solved yet… would be really useful to be able to build rules on start dates!


@lpb , thank you for moving my post! Sorry that I didn’t see yours first.


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