New! In-product “Getting Started” Guide

Hi there!

I’m excited to announce that we’re rolling out a new in-product “Getting started” guide to give you tips and resources to help you become an Asana expert! You can access it at the bottom of the sidebar clicking “Help & getting started”.

This guide includes the following sections:

  • The right way to start to learn how information is organized in Asana.
  • Tips for tasks and projects to help you master tasks and projects and get the most out of Asana, faster.
  • A better daily routine to start your day knowing what to do, and end your day knowing what’s next.
  • Additional resources where you can find more video tutorials, training webinars and use case examples

You can also quickly access our Asana Guide article, apps and integrations page, keyboard shortcuts and download the mobile app or contact support. (40)

Please note we’re rolling out this update gradually starting with an A/B test of 8 weeks. During this A/B test, this update will be available to 50% of customers only. As always, feel free to post your questions in the comments below and and make sure to log your feedback in the #productfeedback category!

We hope you’ll enjoy this new help section and we look forward to hearing your feedback! :slight_smile:


This is really stellar work–congratulations! Many clever, innovative design solutions and concise presentation of key content concepts make this a tremendous resource. (FWIW my career has been in UX/interaction design/information architecture.)

It appears the “?” icon in the top-right toolbar has been removed with this change (most of its contents are in the new left-sidebar footer). It would be good to make that clear in the announcement. One reason; Others may, like me, need to update client training references referring to this icon.)

Given the two-month-plus period before all customers see this, it will be helpful to understand:

  1. Is this being rolled out organization-by-organization (or user-by-user, or another way)?
  2. If an organization starts seeing this, is it likely that it will remain that way for that organization?




Thank you @Emily_Roman and the Asana team for prioritizing onboarding with intuitive and accessible guides. :star_struck:

To me as a 6-year-old user logging in to a 2,5 year old workspace it seems like the prioritization is a bit off. You are throwing this highlighted feature right into our ongoing business operations.

For a new user, starting to get to know Asana for the first time, basically exploring Asana for their team or organisation, this makes sense. Really intuitive and beautiful! :person_in_lotus_position::unicorn:

From the perspective of your current user, it got the wrong priority long-term. Fine that you prioritize its availability and functionality on release but this is not as high prioritized to be visible to the user all the time “everywhere”. This should be accessible, one more click away.

Another feedback to consider is that the content of the guides is from an Asana perspective talking to a new user to Asana while the onboarding to the existing organizations that already operate from asana is way more use case-based, explaining how it’s being used for their specific role, rather than in general.

Adopting a new tool is difficult, so I love that you make it more accessible and easy to understand, but it seems to be targeting a broader audience than it’s supposed to at this point. Lower the priority one clicks away for older users than X.

Also on the same goes for the new Invite team member button grouped with the same priority on the bottom left part of the sidebar. I’m just a guest in the organization, why do I see that button?

I recommend you to narrow down to the specifically targeted user, or you add friction and distraction to the masses. Even if I was a team member in the organization adding team members is not something a do all the time, not everyone. You have assigned it to high priority, because you want us to add more team members, not because all users need to access it frequently on a daily basis like the rest in the main side panel.

I’m really happy about your resources put into onboarding and accessibility, please reconsider the priority. Thanks! :heart:


After reconsideration, I’m not sure that one click away is the right solution to resolve this prioritisation. It’s something about the object size of the interface and overlapping of other objects in the sidebar.

It’s required attention as object in the main ui needs to be reconsidered. I leave it up to you to find the proper solution. One more click away was my initial idea, I’m sure you see my point and will come up with something slicker. :pray: :slight_smile:

I understand that you want it accessible even for long-term, as its a continuous learning, not just for beginners. I see why its places there and i love it. But still something about the visual prioritisation is off for the ongoing business and long-term engaged users as its not being used on a daily basis for all users as its being prioritised right now.


Thank you so much for taking the time to share this detailed feedback with us, @lpb and @JFrentz!

I see what you mean, @lpb! A similar feature, that is currently available to existing Asana customers, provides access to Guide articles by clicking the “?” icon top-right toolbar. With this update, these options will live under the “Getting Started” guide.

This update is currently available to 10% of new customers and we will roll it out to 50% of customers soon.

If a customer is targeted by this test, they will have access to this feature during the 8 weeks A/B test. I will provide updates here on the progress and roll out but our plan is rolling out this update to all customers.

@JFrentz we’re monitoring feedback across all the channels closely so we can make a decision about launching to existing customers. The “Getting started” guide also includes access to the release notes videos, shortcuts, guide articles and resources that can help existing users. Our team is also planning to redesign the sidebar in the future and your feedback is extremely useful to help our team iterate on this feature as well! Please feel free to create new threads in the #productfeedback category if you wish to see any specific features implemented or updated in the sidebar! Thanks


Thanks @Emily_Roman
Although I think this solution still hold merit.

I very much believe there is a place for long-form content and tutorials, but there is also a need for “I’m doing this right now and need a quick answer, not a video series”

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@Julien_RENAUD this is what you told me about!

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I think this is going to be a huge help to new and lapsed users. Thanks.


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