You can now search for Guide articles directly within Asana :)

Happy Thursday everyone :wave:t3:

For all Help Guide lovers out there, I have some great news to share! You can now access all of our Online Help Guide articles directly via the Asana Search bar :tada:

This is already available to 100% of users! And as always, if you have any questions or feedback, please let us know in the Comments below!


Don’t suppose there’s any way I can turn this off, or move it to the bottom of the list? I keep opening up the guide when I try to open the first task result by pressing Down, Enter.

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Hi @John_DeArmey and welcome :wave:t3:

As it stands, it’s not possible to disable it, but thanks for the feedback, we’ll definitely take it onboard for future updates!

I’m not familiar with this Guide feature, never heard of it before. Where can I find more information about it? :slight_smile:

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Hi :wave:t3:

Our online Guide is available here: :slight_smile:

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Alright, I thought it was a feature that allowed to have some kind of guide within our Asana teams, didn’t understand it was related to the Asana product itself :wink:

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I also vote for disabling or move it to the bottom.

At least, it should only display to new users. Advanced users need more valuable info at the top.

Wondering how many users have voted for this feature? For me it does not make sense… There are a lot other requests with lots of votes and taking way to long to be implemented.

Wow. I loved it. A very handy feature to let our clients know, that help is at their hand with their search.

Yes, for advanced users, there should be an option to switch it off.