#HashTags For ToolTip Help

When you are speaking within Asana to new people with a task, such as ‘add to project’, instead of incorporating a screenshot of what that means, it would be great to simply #AddToProject and that will create a tooltip with instruction, screenshot and link to Asana help.

This way I don’t have to junk up a task with screenshots just for those who don’t know, nor do I have to go out and fetch the help section.

Hi @Getz_Pro, thanks for your feedback!

Great idea! I’d personally love to have this feature, thanks for sharing :raised_hands:

We currently offer an option to search articles in our Asana Guide directly from the search feature in Asana. It’ll be very nice if we could also search directly from a task or as you mentioned just by adding a #HashTag

I’ve gone ahead and shared your feedback internally and I’ll let you know as soon as I have any updates about this feature or something similar!

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The search bar is nice, but that assumes someone is willing to do that, or even knows it is available to do and what term to search for. A person needing the help is unlikely to know this is available. However, the more experienced person would and if they forget, having Asana add these automatically (setting can turn off automatic #tags) with suggested auto complete would be a huge help to getting people working with Asana.

Thanks @Emily_Roman for sharing the idea! :slight_smile:

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This is a brilliant idea! If there aren’t plans to create a library of hashtags to serve as tool tips, I might suggest using hyperlinks for this purpose.

You could even start to create a library of hyperlinks that point to various items within the Asana Guide. Copying those needed when communicating with colleagues or clients through Asana.

Personally, I could see this as a valuable resource within Asanaverse, @Marie and @Emily_Roman


+1 to that @Jerod_Hillard! I’ll pass your feedback to the community team as well :raised_hands:

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Hi @Emily_Roman any feedback from the team?

Hi @Getz_Pro! I’m afraid I don’t have updates about this feature yet. However, I just published an announcement about a learning hub that is being rolled out. I know it’s not the same that you are requesting here but if you’re interest, please find more details here: New! In-product “Getting Started” Guide.

… what about this idea, @Emily_Roman? Any updates here? Truthfully, the Guide is easily searchable and I have never had issues finding what I am looking for. It’s often one of the first places I look. So I wouldn’t benefit too heavily on a library of hyperlinks but maybe others would.

Hi @Jerod_Hillard! We have a couple of projects in Asanaverse that includes a library of hyperlinks. For example the “How to Asana: The Ultimate Guide” project in the Asana Together Members Team in Asanaverse :slight_smile: let me know if that’s not what you are referring to!