Creating projects based on tags

I’ve been trying to find this answer, but couldn’t so I apologize if this has already been addressed!

Is there a way to create a project and then have the ability to automatically pull in any tasks that have a specific tag into that project? If not, are there any suggestions for workarounds other than running a basic search/filter?

Hello @Alyssa_Smith welcome to the Asana community forum :wave:

Here is an existing feedback request that you might be interested in upvoting: Filter tasks by tag

You could use advanced search for this to find all tasks that have a specific tag

Or just click on the tag and all other tasks with this tag will show

And then add all these tasks to the project you require via multiselect Ways to save time in Asana | Product guide • Asana

It might be helpful though considering to use custom fields instead of tags as then you can also create better graphs/reports directly in my opinion.

I hope that helps


Thanks @Andrea_Mayer ! I figured the filtering tasks by tag would be the best way to go for now. Thanks for the added tip of clicking on the tag itself and using Custom Fields vs Tags.

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