Tag function missing

I’m new to Asana and setting up my first projects. I’m puzzled as I can not find the Tag function at all. In the details I see Projects but there is no “Tag” option listed beneath it, only Description.

Is this a paid feature or something?

Welcome, @Angela_Ashley-Chiew,

Click that “…” icon in the top right of your screenshot and click the Add tags menu item, or just to Tab+T.

Also, collapse that right pane, click Customize and toggle on the Tags column to see tags for all the tasks in List view in My Tasks or a project.

Hope that helps,


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Thanks Larry. I had a look elsewhere on the Forum. It seems to be because I was in Personal Projects and for some reason even using Tab+T doesn’t bring up tags in that workspace. Not sure why! I ended up setting a new workspace up as an Organisation and that seemed to work.

Oh, so glad you found that; sorry for not remembering to advise about it.

I wish Asana would put up a big warning, at least, when you start to use Personal Projects because they’ve said that they’re not recommended for many years now yet still people like you are unfairly getting tripped up (and me too since I had forgotten about that limitation and failed to mention it).


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