Dashboard/report tasks by tag in a project

Greeting, community!

I just started the premium-trial as was very excited to see the reporting and dashboards capability.
My first wish was to get a breakdown of tasks by tags (I use them extensively) within a single project.

But I don’t see tags anywhere in the reporting tool. Do I miss something?

Hey @Alex_Morozov - I just checked, i don’t think we have that feature quite yet. Here’s a topic on dashboards: https://forum.asana.com/t/upcoming-product-update-universal-reporting/121960

Hi @Alex_Morozov, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:t2:

I’ve gone ahead and moved this post to the #productfeedback category to give you and other Community members the opportunity to vote for this feature. I’ll keep you posted and let you know if I have any other updates :slight_smile:

Thank you! As a person coming from the free-tier, tags is pretty much the only reasonable way to categorize and prioritize tasks in Asana.

Being able to do reporting based on tags was my dream for a while (so that sometimes I had to dump all tasks into Excel and do the reporting there).

Hope this will become a part of the core capabilities


Hi @Rebecca_McGrath! I’d love to vote for this feature to be added to the reporting dashboard capabilities. Filtering by tags would be a game changer for our organization!

Thanks :smiley:


Hi @Alex_Morozov and @Natalie_Staniewski :wave:

I just wanted to let you know that the Analytics & Reports add-on by Screenful can build charts based on Tags in addition to many other properties. You can learn more about the feature in this guide.

Feel free to reach out to me (vova@screenful.com) for more information or a live demo :blush:

How can I create a chart based on tag? I’m using the “Reporting” feature of the dashboard, but charting ticket type “by tag” doesn’t seem to be an option. Am I missing something?

Hi @Liz_Ziser, thanks for reaching out!

It is not currently possible to create a chart based on Tags. We do have an existing thread in the #productfeedback category so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the existing one to consolidate feedback - I hope you don’t mind! :slight_smile:

I’ll let you know if we have any updates coming :slight_smile:

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Whew - that’s a big hiccup! Charts by tags is a pretty fundamental feature to any task management tool.

Generally speaking, it’s odd that the same filters via search are not available for charts. That’s extremely limiting, and doubles the workload since we have to recreate everything via reports >> export >> to create our own charts. Eeep…


Hi there, any update on the charts by tags feature?

Thank you.

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I’m pretty sure in our project board we have custom field called “Tags” to provide additional notes on the incoming tickets. On the dashboard tab of this project when trying to create a chart to see how many of each of those tags were used, I’m unable to select this custom field to create a chart.

Maybe this field isn’t a custom field which is why it doesn’t appear? Not sure, as I did not create the project board but I do need to make dashboard charts. Help please?

Hi @tiffany.phan, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:t2:

You’re right - Tags are not a Custom Field and this is the reason they cannot be added to charts.

Thanks for providing this feedback! Hopefully we can see the ability to add Tags to charts in the future.

I’ll keep you updated :slight_smile:


Hey @tiffany.phan, and welcome to the Asana Community :wave:

While we wait for Asana to implement the ability to add Tags to charts, I just wanted to let you know that the Dashboards add-on by Screenful supports building charts based on Tags in addition to many other properties. You can learn more about the feature in this guide.

Feel free to reach out to me (vova@screenful.com) for more information or a live demo✌

Hi! Do we know how long we’ll need to wait for Tags in charts within Asana?


Hello there.
I am using the Reporting feature in Asana, but I don’t see how to filter tasks by tag when adding charts.

Basically, I’d like Asana to count how many tasks with each tag there are in my projects (and show it by assignee). This would be extremely helpful, but I can’t find a way to set it up.

I know that you can manually export the tag data from each project, but this would be an extremely tedious process since we own more than 50 projects. Is there any other way of doing so? Will Asana add this feature in the future?

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Hello @Ignacio1 welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

Yeah currently you cannot built reports based on tags, here is an existing feedback request to upvote: Dashboard/report tasks by tag in a project

Also have a look here as it seems you can achieve this with Screenful at the moment.

It might be worth considering using custom fields instead of tags more as with custom fields you can create reports, filter, etc

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Thank you Andrea.

The problem with the custom fields is that they can only be added to main tasks (not subtasks).

Screenful, that’s a paid 3rd party app.

So sad that the Reporting section in Asana is quite basic and limited.

Yeah correct you’d have to multi-home the subtasks then so you can add custom fields

It would be super helpful to be able to filter reports using tags. I would love to be able to see things like a column chart of how many tasks with X tag are upcoming, overdue, etc. This out help with reporting across our entire organization. Using advanced search or clicking the tag and getting a list of tasks is not helpful for this purpose as it doesn’t give us a chart summary that is visible by management.

Hi @Trista

I get what you’re saying here. I do not believe this is possible at the time but I might have a workaround, it just may require some more hands-on time.

You could create a custom field in your projects that mirror your tags. This way when reporting you could filter by the “tag custom field” and report that way?

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