Tagging a Project & Top Level Project Review

Hey All,

One of my clients has quit using the Asana progress tracking features because the highest level management wants to sort projects by tags before they review any progress.

So, they’ve created a task in every project called “control task”. This task is used in place of progress tracking simply because a task can have tags and enables Advanced Searching. We added a custom field to every project so this one “control task” can show status (red,yellow,green)

No-one in the org is making use of the project progress tracking features because top level management wants to use Advanced Search to sort “control tasks” by tag name and then review progress updates from that generated list.

We’ve tried the live google sheet export, which is really cool; but without project level tags, the managers are not interested in using that report.

This “control task” stuff works but it’s messy and causes some confusion. Anything better out there? Is Asana working on a solution to this Top level project review and sorting use case?


Hi Adam,

I completely agree. I also want to know what Asana is working on to improve the “top-level” overview. Adam if you have the time, i would love to hear what you think about the ideas that myself and others have brought to the table in this thread: A better Dashboard for high level overview - #4 by Peter_Skjoldager

Here i also make the case for project level tags among other things :slight_smile:



I’m thinking use of the built in Project Progress features will return once project teams get to a larger size and more people need to be involved.

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Have you considered using Custom Fields on the “Control Tasks” using a Summary Project? @paulminors has some great suggestions on setting this up in the post here.


Agreed, We have too many projects Marketing, IT, HR etc…
If we can tag project and add project to a category then it makes our life so much easier.
Right now we have to name each project as follwing

IT-PRO - Name of project 1
IT-PRO - Name of project 2
HR-PRO - Name of project 1
HR-PRO - Name of project 1
MR-PRO - Name of project

Anyone knows any better solution than my solution above?