Would like to tag a project


Why isn’t it possible to put tags on projects? Would make it easy to create lists for projects that share the same tag…?

I ´d really love this feature since it´s getting harder and harder to get a good overview when the number of our projects is constantly growing…


Hi @Johan_Welander

Have you read this thread?

You might find it useful as a workaround.


Thanks Mark! Might do the job as a workaround for a while…
But I´m still hoping for some kind of project management system like folders or project tags in the future :slight_smile:


Hi @Johan_Welander,

Have a look at this thread where i propose the same feature, amongst others to create a better high level overview. A better Dashboard for high level overview

I would think the two votes in this thread would be better spend in the other thread :slight_smile: