Would like to tag a project

Why isn’t it possible to put tags on projects? Would make it easy to create lists for projects that share the same tag…?

I ´d really love this feature since it´s getting harder and harder to get a good overview when the number of our projects is constantly growing…

Hi @JohanW

Have you read this thread?

You might find it useful as a workaround.

Thanks Mark! Might do the job as a workaround for a while…
But I´m still hoping for some kind of project management system like folders or project tags in the future :slight_smile:


Hi @JohanW,

Have a look at this thread where i propose the same feature, amongst others to create a better high level overview. A better Dashboard for high level overview

I would think the two votes in this thread would be better spend in the other thread :slight_smile:



Hi everyone! :slight_smile: We need this feature too: tagging projects instead of tasks! That’d be amazing. Are you thinking about making up this feature @Asana?


I would also like to tag Projects. Examples of filters I’d like to add at the Project level include Internal vs External project, Priority, investment Tier, cross-functional departments involved, Planned vs Adhoc, and more. The post about creating a “Reference Project” seems useful for giving others visibility to a collection of projects, but feels like heavy overhead to workaround the lack of Project tags. Asana team, is this on your roadmap? Thanks!

Agree with this 100%. It’s nice that Tags have an overview and some Metadata, so you can almost use them as folders. But you should be able to also Tag projects so they an also get into those “Tags”, otherwise a huge piece of work in Asana is missing from your Tag references…Thanks!

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+1 this is becoming a major need for our team.

Hi, I agree that tagging functionality would help my team.

For example, our “projects” are set up to reflect client names (we’re an agency format). We’d love to be able to tag projects (i.e. “clients”) as retainer, hosting, not-hosting, hourly, etc.

That way our team members always know how to treat certain tasks.

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+1, tagging projects would be a very useful feature that will allow custom filtering for us to sort Projects (i.e. Accounts) by industry vertical which is very important for our internal organization and external reporting purposes

Some great workarounds for this have been shared by Bastien here:

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