Multiple select for custom fields

Hi @Josh_Burt, this request hasn’t been prioritised yet, but I continue advocating and keeping a close eye on this topic - I’ll update this thread as soon as I have an update on my end!


If anyone is interested, there are workarounds available: 🔥 Hottest feature requests and their workarounds

If you have fresh ideas, please share there!

@Emily_Roman and @Marie do you know if any priority has been put on this? I suppose that most companies like us are doing or finishing their 2021 plan, like communication calendar, milestones, etc. It is at times like these we majorly need multiple choice field, otherwise we have to home a task in multiple projects so it can have multiple custom fields.

I know you have bigger issues at hand and this is not the easiest one as you also need to see how sorting and filtering will behave, but please push if you can since it will be a major game changer, other it looks really small. Anyone who is using Asana as marketing planning tool for sure is meeting this challenge on daily basis. In the beginning you can exclude it from filtering and sorting, just like some other fields, so you can tackle it one by one.

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Thanks for the push @IvanStaykov, I’ll be sure to highlight this again to our team and to share the latest comments posted here illustrating how much this feature request would enhance our customers!


Common guys, a request since December 2017. It would be way useful.


Would LOVE this feature for so many things!

yes please! very much needed! #multiselect #customfields

So can someone tell me if this is even on the roadmap, espeically as it was first requested by customers 3 years ago? This would be so helpful and reduce the crazy long lists of dropdowns more helpful than say adding portfolios to portfolilos which from what I could find no one requested.

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Asana does not communicate on the roadmap, we don’t know :man_shrugging:

Took me a while to find this thread but this is exactly what we need. A little surprised that this isn’t here yet. We just learned of the timeline feature and it’s also what we need. Unfortunately, we need the multiple select for custom fields and won’t be able to move forward with the business plan upgrade until that’s available. Airtable has this and it’s really nice. But we’d like to bring this over to Trello and go all-in with that.

This feature would benefit me in pitching Asana for our team. We are a learning experience team, creating leadership development experiences.

One aspect we need to track for our content is the audience persona: e.g., Front-Line Manager, Senior leader.

Some content is applicable to multiple personas. Right now, the only real option I have is to use tags - but that gets messy very quickly (and prevents me from using tags for any other purpose).

I would like the ability to add radio buttons and, especially, check boxes in the project custom fields. The drop-down menus are nice, but my team needs to be able to select more than one option. Thanks!

Moderator here :slight_smile: So you need a new type of custom fields and it has nothing to do with boards versus list? This is just to update the title accordingly if that applies.

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Yes. I need the ability to add check boxes in addition to the custom fields which are already available. Thanks!

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Is the new title better?

That works for me. Thank you!

We would like this as well. We use Asana for support tickets and need to quickly be able to check a box when we’ve made first contact with the user. It’s too hard to report on the comments where it indicates we’ve emailed and too many steps to use a dropdown as we have a lot of fields to fill out already. Thanks!

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FYI new custom field types, including both checkbox and multi-select fields, are on Asana’s radar screen to add to the product. There’s no current timeline for this, though.

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Our group would love this feature too!

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Need this as well! Upvoted!