Multi-select custom field?

+1 - really frustrating to not have this. I’ve worked around this by creating loads of dummy projects (since they can many-to-many with tasks) but that’s clearly not ideal.

Any update on multi-select fields/columns? It’s critical for us to have this feature if we want to use Asana effectively. Having separate picklist options for every combination is not ideal.

I also noticed someone pointed out that forms offer an option to connect a multi-select question to a field; however, when I tried to do this it didn’t actually let me connect to an existing field. A little misleading and a bummer to find that out.

Hoping this is a priority on the roadmap!


Who ignores their customers like this? A basic feature completely ignored when requested MANY TIMES across 3 years. We will be moving off of Asana due to many shortcomings, this being the straw that broke the camel’s back. Adios.

I am also wondering when multi-selects will be available. Almost all software allows the ability to have a multiselect (even if you can’t filter off of it).

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+1 for this feature, very critical to be able to add tags in our projects.

+1 for this feature!
Not only I need this for my projects that need multi-select custom field, I also need this for my forms, too, because, yes, the form does have the multi-selection feature, great! but i can’t link it to a field in the project to reflect the form’s answers. PLEASE ADD THIS SOON!