Making Completed Tasks Visible Within the Project


In the upper right corner of the task list, click on the “Change View” icon; then you can select to see Incomplete Tasks, Complete Tasks, or both:



Hi guys! Just merging this thread with Making Completed Tasks Visible Within the Project to avoid having too many duplicates!

How do I find completed tasks?

once a task is marked complete, where does it go? how do I get it back?


Hi @Nadine_Kuveke_Fite

Once Tasks are marked complete, they will no longer be in view, though remain a part of your project. You are able to view those Tasks, by adjusting the sort filter for that Project. Click the sort filter/change view button in the upper right and select “Completed Tasks” to view all your completed Tasks.

I’ve attached a screenshot of this to help guide you in this process.

Another way you’re able to take advantage of this, if you have a premium plan, is by using advanced search.

Hope this helps!


Hi guys! just merging this thread with Making Completed Tasks Visible Within the Project :slight_smile:


same here .cant see gear icon



I’m new to Asana, cool tool. I want to mark items complete on my list, but I don’t want them to disappear as they have clients info on their that my team needs.

Is there anyway to do this?


Hey @Mike_Buontempo - you just have to switch your filter.

Click on the filter here:

And you can switch from viewing just incomplete projects to all or complete.


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I can’t set the same for subtasks within a task. They are gone somewhere I am unable to find. @Marie Can you help me with that.


Hi @Jnanaranjan_Sahu! Sounds like your subtasks were not associated with their parent task project, before completing your subtasks, make sure to add them to their project following these steps:


I understand that. Can I somehow see those tasks or they are gone forever?


If yo have access to the Advanced Search you should be able to locate them with the follwoing query:

If you don’t have access to the Advanced Search try typing in your search bar some keywords that you know are included in these subtasks title; this is a lot more manual, but should allow you to located your completed subtasks.


It used to be possible to change the view to include “incomplete tasks and tasks completed within the past X days.” Did this feature go away? It was always the most useful view for projects with rolling agendas we use to talk through current and recently-completed tasks.


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In that way, I believe it did. I just go to the panel on the left-hand side and click ‘All Tasks’ which is located under the favorites section… There you will find a list of all tasks including completed ones.

Hope that helps.