Missing completed tasks for some team members

Since the recent update to Asana, I no longer have access to completed tasks for some members of my team. After 1 day they disappear.
I’m hoping I’m missing a quick fix but any help would be appreciated.

Hi :wave:,
Do they disappear from the project view? Someone might have changed the default view for this project, moving from “All tasks” to “Incomplete tasks”. You can change it back using the button next to “Filter” in the project top nav. And don’t forget to go to the three-dot menu on the right and save this layout as default.

Thank you Sean, we usually have the view set to incomplete tasks then we go to completed tasks when doing pay (we use asana for our cleaner’s schedules among other things). When we go back to complete tasks, only one of our cleaner’s completed tasks show up. The other team members completed tasks disappear. We noticed this for the first time at the beginning of the month. Has not happened in the previous 4 years so a little confusing.

Welcome to the Forum @James_Perrault and thank you for reaching out!

I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue. In order to better understand what might be happening would you mind answering the following questions:

  1. When you select the Completed Task view, are you selecting the “All Completed Task” option?
  2. Are the assignees of the tasks that have disappeared able to see the Completed Task in their “My Task”? If yes, could you please share a screenshot of the Task? Please, make sure to hide all the confidential information.
  3. Are these tasks recurrent tasks? If yes, are you able to see the previous Completed Tasks?

Looking forward to you reply!

We are experiencing this same issue – has this been resolved? I’ve tried everything and only some of the completed tasks are missing. They are not in the deleted file either. HELP.