Make it possible to move multiple tasks as subtasks

Just added my vote as well. Please, Asana Developers, hear the will of the people! :slight_smile:

Add this feature please.

It seems a straightforward enhancement, basically auto expanding tasks to parent other tasks. Adding my vote!

I would also love this feature! Surprised it hasn’t been added yet.


This feature is crucial

Given how smaller tasks sometimes naturally end up better organized under the umbrella of a larger task, and given that subtasks is one of the few features that Asana offers that other competitors (e.g. Airtable) don’t have an answer to, this seems like a crucial feature to implement.

This feature would be extremely helpful and time saving. Surprised nothing has been done since this was originally suggested 5 years ago.

  • 1, much needed feature

+1 Much needed feature, any updates on adding it or if its on the roadmap??


Asana - for the love of all that is good and discretely manageable by your software engineering dept - make this happen please.


@Rebecca_McGrath - Hey! Looks like the last time we got an update on this request was June of 2021.

Looking through the posts on this request, I find it really interesting that a lot of the posts for this request are from users who have never posted before, and it’s their first time posting on the Forum. I think this shows that this is something people are very passionate about, and is one of the first things they come across that has them asking, Why Asana?

This thread was started in June 2017. Would it be possible to get this resolved in 2023?

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Hi all,
I could do a workaround with the csv importer Asana CSV Importer • Asana Product Guide
By setting a column called “subtask off” for all tasks I wanted to be a subtask.

I hope it helps.


Is there an update on this feature request? This would be a huge time saver!

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A lot of people are still dreaming about this feature! Please add it in the next update :slight_smile:


Agreed, please do this!


+1 for this feature

Yall I have sent this page to my CEO to prove it’s time to give up on asana


+1 for this feature!