Make it possible to move multiple tasks as subtasks

Here in 2023 desiring this function. Please make it possible for us!

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+1, I need this also

This feature has been requested since 2017, it feels like it should have been done by now, given it seems so basic. Is there any movement on this?

+100 for this feature

Feels like it would be a very easy one to add, please please please…

Hi @anon80269655 and @Kendall_Schiff, welcome to the Community! :blush::handshake: If you haven’t done so already, remember to vote for this feature request above. :arrow_up: I agree this would be helpful, and voted for it as well.

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Wow, just started using Asana and this request has been sitting for 6 years. I just assumed that this was a feature and I came here to find out how to do this and instead I read multiple requests for over half a decade requesting this feature.

Not a good look.

Now to delete 100 I-thought-I-could-make-them-subtasks tasks…


Why is it that the more I use Asana the more I realize how the simplest of features are missing? Also that no one seems to care/consider any of our requests - why am I still editting subtasks one by one? For example I need to shift 10 subtasks to another parent task - why is this not an easily accessible feature when it’s clearly available on almost everything else?

Confused? Asana thought users/companies would only require working with one task at a time? Seems counterintuitive.


Confused with the point of voting when it seems after 6 years no one really seems to consider said votes?


Really want this feature!

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I’m adding my vote here. I want to move 8 subtasks from one task to a different task. I would love to be able to batch move them. Please make this possible.

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Got my vote but I did find a solution that worked for me as I’m working on a new project. I imported an excel file and had one of the headers as “Subtask of”. Asana will then add multiple subtasks to a task.


It would really help a lot of people in my company if we could get this feature implemented! Is there any update on this?

Voted! We definitely need this feature for how we’re using subtasks to multihome projects into one roadmap for multiple teams to collaborate and show their progress on projects that are disparate across the division but impact multiple areas (eg, with communications)

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Unbelievable this is still not a reality: moving more than 1 tasks to subtasks? :exploding_head:

Basic function being requested for the last 6 years :wink:


This is especially difficult when migrating from another platform to Asana. Having to CSV all projects over and then manually create subtasks under parent tasks is very time-consuming. Any update on this feature would be greatly appreciated!!

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Yes. Upvoting!

How could this be possible @Emily_Roman ASANA. After 500 upvotes and 6 years ASANA is not hearing the community???

This is such a basic task management feature? Why do you ignore us in such a pain way?

It is such a pain to make multiple tasks to subtaks of another task. This is a daily use case!!!

And why is there no SHORTCUT? It also hard even make one task to a subtask! It´s 5 (FIVE !!!) clicks for a function that is need as a daily driver.


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what can we do @Yvonne_Mihai @Bastien_Siebman you are ambassdors, is there anything we can do more that ASANA will hear us?

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There will always be features users want to have.
There will always be features that some love and others hate.

You can read about how Asana is listening to product feedback here:

The Asana team is always monitoring this forum and they are aware of popular feedback requests :slight_smile: They not only check the total votes but also the total views of a feedback request thread.

Since Asana does not have a public roadmap we cannot tell if and when this will be implemented.

However, I can say that Asana has always been and is constantly listening to their customers and implementing new features. Just have a look at all the features they launched in the last few months and also last year, which includes many from this forum.

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I have escalated this request internally to highlight it to our Product team, and while I can’t promise when it will be prioritised, I can commit to keep you posted on this thread as soon as I have an update on my end.