Introducing User Profiles 🧍🏻

Hi Asana Community :wave:

We’re excited to share with you that we’re introducing new User Profiles to Asana! User profiles will allow users to:

  • Get on boarded as quickly as possible
  • Learn more about their colleagues’ areas of expertise so that they can get unblocked when needed
  • Understand who may be available to help them and what their bandwidth might be
  • Find areas of cross-team overlap in work


With these new profiles, identity data will be more clearly displayed and you will be able to see teams, projects, tasks and collaborations at a glance.

User profiles has already started rolling out to some Asana domains and will be available to everyone in November . If you have any questions, please let us know. :slight_smile:

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oooooohh lovely!!!

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Nice! Can already see this, looks good!


I am so excited for these! Question, will these user profiles also be able to be auto-populated with info. via SCIM bridge to say Google Workspace?!


Is there an option to go back to ‘view all tasks’ instead of the ‘user profiles’ being the initial view?

It’s nice but I don’t need to see all of the details about my colleagues every time I click on their name on Asana. I just need to get through and see all the tasks assigned to them quickly. And make changes to their work tasks for the day. This is adding multiple clicks to get through to tasks for me.

Or is it possible this screen only appears once a day, then the next visit to that user it goes direct to their ‘view all tasks’?


Similar to this request, I’d be curious when this would be available for SCIM with other Identity & Access Management providers such as Okta, Ping, OneLogin, etc.?

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Great question! Not right now but I’ve passed this onto the Product team for future consideration! :slight_smile:

I hear you, Emma. It’s not possible to save a view on a users profile right now but I’ve passed this onto the Product team so they’re aware of this potential painpoint!

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Thank you Rebecca.

Seems small but all these clicks add up over the day and it’s not super helpful ha


are there privacy settings?

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This is lovely!
I have a question though. I created 1:1 project and this template looks like a regular project.
What would be the major difference between 1:1 and regular private project with two members?

will it also have a calendar view where it doesn’t collapse the milestone tasks?

Looks nice! One probably-basic question and one suggestion:

  • Is there a way to make all our tasks visible to others in one fell swoop?
  • Are we likely to be able to add skill tags to our profiles?