User/Team Views

After looking through the Asana forums and guides I haven’t found anything on this subject so I started this thread.

I would like to suggest a simple feature.

It would be called: User/Team Views. A page that visually shows all the people (and freelancers) in your team. Large profile pic with their name underneath. Maybe with viewing options to categorize them by project, team or self defined groups (designers, developers, animators).

The reason why I don’t think this is much of a departure from your core values/mission at Asana is because managing projects, is managing people. And having a visual “canvas” aka page of people can help me understand my pods, and corporate structure.

If enough people in this forum like this idea, let us know! If Asana doesn’t build it. Maybe my team can build it as an extension.


Hi @Ben_Leoni and welcome to the forum,

FYI I renamed your post so it will be easier for people to know what it’s about.

As you observe, this type of info isn’t readily available in Asana.

@Bastien_Siebman has created a tool that provides some of the type of info you’re describing: see minimalist work - Work less with better tools and methods. Though it doesn’t focus exclusively on people like you describe.

Thanks for sharing. Will have a look!