Consistency in naming between Profile page and the 'old profile' tasks page

Since the introduction of User Profiles, which are great, I believe there is one area in Asana that needs some updating. There appears to be some confusion/inconsistency between the wording of user profiles and their ‘old profiles’ which have since become the pages that shows just their tasks.

So, to elaborate (allow me to nerd out a bit :sweat_smile:)…

By starring :star: (adding to favorites) in the new sidebar:

  • a user’s profile shows up as: [Member’s name]'s tasks (with a checkmark icon to distinguish the two)
  • a user’s profile shows up as: [Member’s name] (perhaps adding ‘Profile’ after their name would be clearer, but that’s minor)


Nothing wrong with the above - this is expected and clear!
But what is not expected is the titling of the person’s Tasks page which still appears as it used to:

Naming this '[Name]‘s Profile’ is misleading as it ‘clashes’ with the person’s actual profile page which, as we now know, is actually this:

Note that also the button link to their tasks page is all worded correctly, as circled above.
So the expectation would be to take us to a page called '[Name]‘s tasks’, not '[Name]‘s profile’.

That’s all, thanks! :person_shrugging:

PS: After some testing, to my surprise, once I shared this generic person’s My Tasks with myself, the title of the page corrected itself, as per below. Not sure though why I need my name to appear there also, just to tell me that this is a shared view, I suppose.