Introducing User Profiles 🧍🏻

Just got it, thanks!

Just refreshed and saw the new profile options. I am a big fan! How hard would it be to make the “About Me” section rich-text? This would enable our team to customize it to our own conventions. Is that possible for future updates?

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Is it possible for us to fetch this using the rest API? What I want is to somehow figure out the mapping from user ID to their corresponding profile ID

Hi @steve28,

No, sorry - “user profile” isn’t a supported object in the API at this time.

will there be a way to have the User Profile to have an extra box for like employee contact information? and also be able to edit by admins. We could use this feature for all plans this way it’s easier to reach employee outside asana like a mobile contact of some sort or personal emails.

Hi @Jaro_Necesito , that’s a great suggestion but until it becomes available, have a look at this workaround…

I usually recommend to my clients to create their own internal contact list by creating a project where each task is an employees’ full name. Then add the relevant custom fields that you mention such as mobile, job role, location etc. so that it acts as an internal phonebook.

This project could be made public within a team that is public to the entire organisation so that everyone can search & join the project, add their own name as a task and insert their contact details themselves. Then, when someone searches a person’s name, they will also see their contact ‘task’ details as well as their asana ‘people’ profile in the basic search results.

Obviously avoid adding any personal information and instead just input information that is otherwise already publicly available, based on your company’s privacy policy.

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You (as Admin) can edit About section of a member and place contact information via Admin consoleMembers section. Keep in mind that such edit will not be silent and will be additionally reported to a user in a form of a task titled :eyes: Review edits in My Settings in Inbox / My tasks with the list of all edits that admin had performed. User is able to revert the changes manually, if they wish.