Introducing ID custom field

Hi Asana community,

I’m Eileen from the Asana product marketing team. I’m excited to share that we’re launching a new custom field - ID!

We’ve heard that users want a way to easily identify and track tasks in Asana, especially when managing high volumes of tickets and work requests. Task names can be descriptive and helpful, but also long and difficult to remember, especially when there are many with similar names.

Soon you’ll be able to identify tasks easily by adding an ID custom field to your projects. You can create an ID custom field with a custom alphabet prefix, or choose one from the library.

Once added, an ID will be auto generated incrementally for all existing and new tasks (and 1 level of subtasks) in the project. Projects and tasks can have more than 1 ID custom fields, and these IDs can also be used to search and @-mention within Asana.

We plan to roll out this feature in Premium, Business and Legacy Enterprise as well as Starter, Advanced, Enterprise and Enterprise+ tiers starting February.

Learn more about the new ID custom field in our Help Center article.

Please keep an eye out for it and let us know what you think in the comments. Thank you!


How to check if this utility is available to our instance ?
At the moment I don’t see an option.

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Hi @Abhinand_Thoppil , welcome to the forum :wave:

It will eventually show up in the list of fields, as per the screenshot above. All you can do is refresh your browser daily or quit and reload the desktop app, and just wait for it to roll out to your instance :smiley:

I’m sure the Asana team will post an announcement once it’s fully rolled out.

Thanks @Richard_Sather .
I appreciate the quick response.

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This is so exciting! Will we be able to lock this down at the domain level and only offer one prefix for our entire organization?


Not currently, no. Anyone with the ability to create an organizational custom field can create a new ID field and define the prefix for that field.

Is it planned to add the ID Field also to templates?

Don’t see this field yet, but we are using a system where the current year is part of the ID:
Also there might be tasks that dont need an ID.

Any chance these factors could be incorporated in the future?

I think it would be neat if we could incorporate this into the Rules engine and only create an ID for the task if it meets the rule criteria.


This is so great! I have been waiting for this. However, it looks like it makes a custom ID for every subtask as well as every task. Is there a way it could only give IDs to tasks?

Hi @Janna_Webbon1 , welcome to the forum :wave:

I agreed with you, ideally an option for this should be available within the field’s settings to allow for both uses cases. You could perhaps create a new topic in the Product Feedback category.

I’ve already added a few on this new ID field :sweat_smile:

FYI you can do that using the Unique ID capability of our Flowsana integration. :grin:

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This is great! I have a use case where I am tracking website content requests through an Asana form (people filling out the form do not have Asana access) and once received the task will be created and an ID # assigned. Is there a way for Asana to notify the person filling out the request form of their ID# automatically? Or does this remain a manual process?

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Just gave this a test run and am seeing that this is an auto-generated ID. Is there any future where we can use this functionality to assign a specific ID? For example, our projects are 1:1 with certain Salesforce IDs that we use, so it would be great to assign a global ID to the project and tasks that isn’t auto-generated but set by the Project Owner.

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Agreed, it creates too many ID numbers when it makes one for everything, including small subtasks.

This is a great feature.

Can we configure a starting seed number? We are currently using a 3rd party to accommodate this functionality. It would be good to discontinue with the 3rd party and keep our numbering sequence from where it is and not start from 1 again.

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No, it’s not configurable, only starts at 1.

Hi @Otto ,

You can vote for this here:


@Jessica_Stouder , @Janna_Webbon , welcoming both of you to the forum :wave:

You can vote for that here:

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Hi @Mihae_Tak , welcome to the forum :wave:

Great idea! I guess it depends how you would want to notify the person after they have submitted the form. You could have the form add them automatically as a collaborator (form’s settings, set access to org only) or you could have an email sent to them (apart from Asana’s email copy of their submission, if you have an email field in your form).

To send them an email as a Rule action, you could use the Flowsana ‘Send an email’ action in the ‘External actions’ tab. Then using Flowsana’s variable substitution you could add any custom field within the email’s body.

Let’s just check with Flowsana’s creator, @Phil_Seeman , whether the custom ID field is or will be supported?

PS: I’m not sure whether the Gmail ‘Send email’ action supports any variables, apart from including the task’s link :person_shrugging: