Introducing ID custom field

Is this something that can be incorporated at the portfolio level so that each project can have an ID?

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Hi @Abby_Olson , welcome to the forum :wave:

Currently, the ID field is not available for Portfolios but hopefully this may be something Asana considers to add in the future. (I don’t work for Asana, merely speculating).

You bet, it works now! You can use an Asana ID field in any Flowsana variable substitution. For example, if your ID field is defined as

then your variable would be written as {task.REQ}

In other words, it works just like any other custom field. :grinning:

Glad to know, @Phil_Seeman ! Thanks :slight_smile:

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When multi-homing tasks, the task will have different ID numbers between projects which can be confusing

For example, for Project A the ID ref might be ABC-1, but if multi-home into Project B the ID ref for the task becomes DEF-1.

Can we have it so that the ID is unique for the individual task and retained even when multi-homed as then when communicating with Stakeholders I am using a single reference number rather than having to think “which project does that stakeholder have access to” to confirm ID number


Hi @Lorraine_Martin and welcome to the forum,

The way to resolve your use case is to use the same ID for both projects - an ID is a global custom field so can be added to as many projects as you choose. In this case, you would want to create a prefix for that ID which made sense for both projects and wasn’t specific to any one of them.

(Or just use our Flowsana integration for your unique IDs, since ours creates one unique ID for a task across the whole workspace. :wink:)


So can’t have the same prefix across projects so alas that wouldn’t work.

I’ll check out flowsana and costings to see if that could sort this for us

Figured it out - can add the same ID field to multiple projects. May not be suitable for everyone, but works for how we have implemented Asana

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Looks like an improvement, however still some comments:

  1. The Prefix should not overwrite the Field Title, this is confusing. In the majority of the cases the Field Title should remain ID, but the prefix can be different. How can this be changed?
  2. How can we work without a prefix?
  3. Can you make sure that the prefix can be more then 4 characters?
  4. I cannot add the ID field to a template project: I get the message: “ID’s are not supported for this feature”. Why?
  5. Within different projects I cannot use the same prefix, like “ID”, what do I need to do?
  6. I see that it is continuing the number accross multiple projects. Why does it not start by one for a new project. I assume that has to do with my point 5 about. Some field from the library continue the number, but I cannot change the name, see point 1.
  7. Numbering is not correct, when you sort on created on date.

Ok. It is a nice first try by Asana, but not well designed. Still needs a lot of improvement.

I’m not Eileen, but here is some input:

  1. I’d suggest you make a Product Feedback post suggesting this, so you can others can vote for it.
  2. You can vote for this request here.
  3. You can vote for this request here.
  4. Suggest making a Product Feedback post for this.
  5. The only way to use the same prefix in multiple projects is to use the same ID field. (An ID field can be added to as many projects as you’d like.)
  6. Yeah, as you surmised, this is your point 5 - it’s the same field across the projects.
  7. Not sure what this means? The ID numbering isn’t affected or altered by sorting.
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I think it means, something I’ve also noticed:
When you add an ID field to an existing list of tasks, the numbering sequence does not reflect the task’s creation date, as can be seen when you sort your list by creation date.

I can’t work out how the ID numbers are applied in hindsight. Anyone?

Ah, OK, @Richard_Sather, I see. I think you’re probably right (as usual) that’s what he meant.

Based on my limited testing, I think it just uses whatever the sorting is when you add the field to the existing project, and numbers the IDs in sequence based on that order, whatever it is at the time.

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Thanks for your response.
We have lots of projects, does the seed number start at 1 at the project level or is it global across all projects?

Neither actually; it starts at 1 for each ID custom field that you create. All ID custom fields are organizational custom fields; that is, they live in your custom fields library - this means they can be added to just one project but also can be added to multiple projects, in which case all of those projects will have one numbered set starting at 1 across all of them. Make sense? (It’s a little confusing IMO and I wouldn’t have designed it this way [and in fact we didn’t do it this way in our unique-ID system in Flowsana!].)

Thanks for your reply, That makes sense. I’ll hold off using it until we have the option to define a starting seed number.

But you cannot have mutliple fields “ID” accross the difefrent projects, because that field already exist. So, if you use the existing field it continues counting across the different projects and that does not make sense. I want to see:

Project 1: ID-1, ID-2, etc.
Project 2: ID-1, ID-2, etc.

And I do not want to be forced to change the prefix, because that it also changing the name of the field.

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@Eileen_Hwang any feedback on how the sorting is done, because it looks like it is not based on creation date.

Hi @Phil_Seeman I understand you are not @Eileen_Hwang , but apperently she is the Product Marketing Manager and she (hopefully) can make sure the functionality is going to work well.

Second, we start over again. Asana releases a new feature which is not really working and the solution is to vote again and wait again a long time before it will be implemented in a proper (if implemented at all).

Is it possible to exclude subtasks from the ID field?