Custom ID field - do NOT apply ID number to subtasks (or allow option not to)

The recently launched custom ID field is great, but having tried it out, it appears it also applies an ID to every 1st-level subtask of a task. :thinking:

I foresee there will be a split on opinions on this amongst users, so let’s see what you think…
(but for those who select either ‘Do NOT apply ID to subtasks’ or ‘Give us the option’, please ALSO use the purple Vote button at the top right).

  • Apply ID to subtasks
  • Do NOT apply ID to subtasks
  • Give us the option!
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I personally, I’m on the side of the fence where I could see users using IDs for tickets, quotes, invoices which may likely contain subtasks, such as ‘Prepare…’, ‘Send…’ etc of which you would NOT want the ID numbers to apply to these subtasks.

On the other hand, I could also see users wanting IDs applied to subtasks, since you can expand a task in a List view to see those subtasks, along with their IDs (currently, expanding a task in list view is only available is there is no sort or group by enabled).

I think this would be one of those rare occasions for Asana to introduce an ‘option’ (to apply IDs to subtasks or not), in the field’s edit menu, as per my crude mockup below. :pray:



I’m not sure what the purple Vote button at the top means as you’ve explained it because:

  • The thread title says to vote either against ID for subtasks or for an option (“Custom ID field - do not apply ID number to subtasks (or allow option not to)”), but
  • In the body you write, “please use the purple button at the top right to vote for NOT”

(Also, perhaps a good practice not to include a poll in a Product Feedback post because then there are, confusingly, two Vote buttons!)

My opinion is I’d like an option but, so long as Asana does not provide an option, I feel ignoring the ID custom field on subtasks (as you must now ignore all other unwanted subtask-inherited custom fields), is a small price to pay to ensure those who expect/want the ID on first-level subtasks have it.



Hi @lpb , points noted. I’ve rephrased the title and the wording slightly so hopefully it’s not too confusing. :sweat_smile:

Yes, thanks, much better, and I (purple) voted!

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This feature would be a lifesafer for us. We currently have been using a 3rd party to add in UI’s so when I saw asana was bringing them in and making them searchable (!!!) I was ecstatic. I set it up and saw that our just under 1000 tasks we’ve accumulated have turned into almost 7000 ID numbers! I wondered where on earth they had all come through so I searched a random number and saw it was a subtask attached to a card in that project that had been sent to another department. This isn’t helpful for us at all, it inflates the numbers considerably and having a way to turn adding to the subtasks on/off would be a fantastic feature. I think for now we’re going to stick with the 3rd party until this is amended but I am hopeful for the future!

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