Introducing flexible ways to organize your tasks in list and board views

Hi Asana Community!

Last year, we introduced new ways to view your projects, with multi-sort and multi-filter options and the ability to save views. To help you organize your work even more easily and create custom views, we’re introducing further enhancements on list and board views across your projects and My Tasks. We’ve started gradually rolling out to all customers:

  • Consistent sort and filter options between MyTasks and projects
  • More ways to multi sort and filter, including a dynamic “assigned to me” filter
  • Group by options to organize tasks by due date, assignee, or other fields

Consistent sort and filter options across MyTasks and projects

We’ve heard from users that the different mechanics between the two were confusing. Now, both list and board views in MyTasks and projects will have the full multi-sort and filter options, including the enhancements in the next section.

More ways to multi sort and filter your work

In addition to the options introduced last year, there are new ways to sort and filter. Try creating a “Your tasks” tab in your projects using the new “assigned to me” filter. This will help project members focus, with a dynamic view of the tasks assigned to each person accessing the tab. And now you can apply up to 10 sorts and filters each to organize your work exactly the way you want.

Group by options

Tasks can be dynamically grouped within list and board views in projects and MyTasks. Instead of manually creating and maintaining sections, users can group tasks by field types, including…

  • People (ie assignee, created by, consulted, etc.)
  • Due Dates
  • Date custom fields
  • Single select custom fields (ie priority, status, etc.)*
  • Multi select custom fields
  • Projects (for tasks that belong to multiple projects)
  • None (to remove sections entirely)

*Users can group by all fields above on List but only single select fields are supported on board today.

You can even sort within groupings and create sub-groups within list view. To drive more focus, you can also hide empty groups or sections with no tasks. And if you’re organizing your project view, don’t forget to save your view and give it a custom name for easy access.

We’re excited for you to try these and to hear your feedback. Please share your thoughts with us here!


  • Why can’t I see all the multi-sort and dynamic grouping options? How do I enable them?

    • We’re gradually rolling out these options and expect them to be available to 100% of users by mid-March. Please refresh your Asana regularly and thank you for your patience!
    • Certain options, like the ability to group by custom fields, may be limited for our free users. While sorting, filtering, and grouping are available to all users, custom fields are only available in the paid plans.
  • My MyTasks used to be grouped by due date, but it has suddenly been re-grouped differently and there are empty groups with no tasks. Can I change it back?

    • We have changed the pre-set date groupings to provide more granularity and help you better plan your work. For example, in the past, all future tasks were either “Due next week” or “Due later.” Now, there are more detailed groupings like “Due tomorrow,” “Due in the Next 7 days,” and “Due in the Next 30 days.”
    • Empty groups are no longer hidden by default. To hide empty groups in your MyTasks, click on the three dots (⋯) in the Group By settings and select “Hide empty groups.”
    • Unfortunately, you won’t be able to revert to the old groupings.
  • There are groups of old, past-due tasks at the top of my My Tasks. How do I keep these groups collapsed?

    • Currently you’re not able to save these as collapsed, but we are planning to enable this shortly.
    • For now, adding a due date filter (ie “Due next 14 days”) and enabling the “Hide empty groups” option could be helpful
  • Why can’t I sort within sections anymore? I lost the option to “sort within sections” in the sort settings.

    • You can still sort within sections. We’ve simply removed the “sort within sections” toggle because tasks are always sorted within their groupings/sections. Now you have more flexibility to reorder groups and subgroups.
  • Why can’t I use the sort/filter/group settings in other project views?

    • Currently we don’t support all of the options in calendar, timeline, or Gantt view. Please reference this chart for what is available for each view.

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Excellent features, @Eileen_Hwang, and thanks for the detailed post.

I’m a little unclear exactly which of the enumerated features are brand new and which have been released at least for a little while now, but it’s still helpful to have this comprehensive post and to know most everything is expected by mid-March.



@Eileen_Hwang - Group by is a wonderful feature. Is there a way to quickly collapse groups? In one of my grouped views, I have 8 section groupings and each section can have various items (sometimes up to 40). When I need to get to a section at the bottom of the view, it takes extra time to collapse.

Or can I set up a pre-collapsed group view?

Yes, hit the “+” to create a new List view. Collapse your sections. Click Save view.



will the user be able to have this view saved for default? or need to adjust it every time users login to Asana?

@Solomon_Basch, that will save for everyone who arrives at the project.

Is Asana also working on user default views?

They don’t publish they’re roadmap so we don’t know.

The “My Tasks” section used to be sorted by “Due this week”, “Due next week”, and “Due Later”. I really liked this configuration, as I plan all my tasks according to weeks. Yesterday however, when I logged on, the “My Tasks” section was sorted by “Due Today”, “Due Tomorrow”, and “Due in the next 7 days”.

It seems that it’s currently not possible to revert the “My Tasks” section to its previous set up. It’d be great if users could adjust the organization of this section themselves, rather than having Asana implement changes across the board.


I’ve merged your post into an existing thread where @Eileen_Hwang can see your issue, and you can read her description of the change that affected you.

Eileen indicates that you can’t revert to those exact breakdowns, though another option would be to choose Custom sections instead and then you could create your own, but that would operate quite differently. But that’s how many of us use My Tasks. See also my article on that:



I have the opposite need. It looks like you can’t save a List where you have some Sections expanded at the Task level (thereby showing Subtasks). Hoping that is in the Roadmap because I’m constantly having to expand Tasks every time I visit a Project.

Welcome, @Kevin_Russell,

You can vote for that feature here:

In the meantime, I keep open tabs for the projects (and Inbox, My Tasks) I’m currently working on, which is a workaround.



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Just FYI - collapsed Groups in views that use anything other than Sections for “Group By” do not save the collapsed groups. Saving collapsed only currently works with sections, not groups.

(But, I hope they change it – we really really want to save with some groups collapsed. AND, we’d love to re-order the groups without re-ordering the options in the custom field).

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Hello! On my My Tasks page, I see the option to group by Project in List view but not yet under Board view. I am using the free plan currently. Is this option available for paid users? When might this option be available to non-paying Asana users? Thank you!

Welcome, @Indu_Singh,

This feature isn’t available for Board view regardless of plan.

I’m afraid Asana doesn’t publish its roadmap so we don’t know if/when this would be available, nor if so, to which plans.