Instant Summaries (for tasks) - Find clarity without another meeting

Hi everyone :wave:

I had the chance to experiment one of the new Asana AI tool : Instant Summaries.
Dive in with me as I recount my personal journey with this feature :wink:

Embracing Summarization in your tasks :rocket:

Summarization is a crucial aspect of managing projects efficiently. It helps in distilling vast information into digestible insights, allowing teams to focus on the core objectives.
Until now, features such as Milestones and Project Status updates were providing great insights at the project level, but with Instant Summaries, Asana is introducing clarity at the task level.

Feature Highlight :dart:

Instant Summaries, is a lifesaver when it comes to pulling out key points from 2 elements of a task: its description and its comments.

The feature works in 2 steps:

  • 1- Generate the smart summary
  • 2- Decide how to use it:
    • “Discard” it
    • or “Copy” it (to paste it somewhere else)
    • or “Edit” it to add it directly in the comment field and possibly rewrite it before posting it.

Combo: The “Edit” mode will allow you to combine the summary with another AI feature Writing Assistant, to get the perfect tone and length.


Use-cases :rocket:

Find here some representative examples (list not exhaustive)

1- Capturing key takeaways from a complex task description

(Click here to see the complete task description)

The Instant Summary :


2- Consolidating feedback from multiple stakeholders into a concise summary.

(Click here to see the complete comments thread)

The Instant Summary :


3- Summarizing both description and comments.

(Click here to see the task and comments thread)

The Instant Summary :

Conclusion: Every Task Deserves Its Spotlight:

Tasks, like projects, deserve a clear snapshot, and Asana’s Instant Summaries deliver just that. Gone are the days of sifting through lengthy descriptions and comments. Now, every task gets its own concise spotlight, ensuring nothing gets lost in the shuffle. Embrace the power of summarization at the task level and watch clarity soar! :wink:
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Looking forward to reading your comments!

Arthur from iDO


Thanks, @Arthur_BEGOU, for the great summary of Instant Summaries!

Your real-world examples really demonstrate the value offered here; well done!



Thanks @lpb :blue_heart:

And I’m convinced that the feature has more use-cases still to be discovered :wink:


I love this feature so far. Is it possible to use the instant summary feature to make project status updates?
It would be very useful if Milestones and tasks could be summarized and added as an update.


Hi @Shannon_Newman , welcome to the forum :wave:

You sure can… soon! Have a look at @Andrea_Mayer 's great post here:


When will this be an available feature to all users?

Hi @Madison_Donley :wave:

I don’t have that information. @Marie do you ? :slightly_smiling_face:

Meanwhile, you can follow the main thread (with announcement for all A.I features) there : Meet Asana Intelligence—AI has joined the team 🤖
They will probably announce the complete rollout there.

Hello @Madison_Donley and @Arthur_BEGOU,

This feature is out to all customers already. However, it’s only available with paid plans, so if you’re not seeing it, you’re likely on a free version?

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To add to @Marie’s post, it could also be that your Asana admin(s) need to enable the AI features from the Admin Console > Settings > Optimize with Asana Intelligence and switch on BOTH of the AI partners, Open AI and Anthropic.


Hi Marie, we are on a business plan and I can’t see it. AI features are enabled on my admin console for Asana features

Hi @Madison_Donley, and apologies for the trouble here. I would recommend to reach out to our support team (How to contact our Support Team ✉) so they can take a look into your specific case!

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Can you use this feature for meeting summary or meeting minutes? I get you can use it for each “line item” or task but if I am running a meeting and I want to send the summary of the whole meeting to someone who missed it, can I summarize all the tasks or topics at one time into 1 summary? or does it have to be done in each topic and then sent as individual emails?

Hi @Lauren_Phipps :wave:

I think it depends on the way you are taking your meeting minutes.

If you take your meeting minutes in the task description (whatever the format of your notes), Instant Summaries will generate a summary that you can copy and share as comment (or via email).

Instant Summaries will look at a specific task description, but it will not take in account the eventual subtasks’ description.

Then, my suggestion would be to:

  • Take the meeting minutes in the task description (follow-up actions could be a bullet point list)
  • Generate the summary
  • Select your list and convert it to subtasks in one click (see screenshot)

Remark: The task comments are also taken into account in the summary.

Hope that is helpful, if not, let me know :wink: