Smart Summaries in Slack ✨

Hi everyone,

I’m here to tell you about our newest Asana Intelligence feature. AI has joined the Asana + Slack integration! :sparkles:

We are introducing Smart Summaries in Slack, which allow you to quickly summarize Asana tasks directly in Slack.

These AI-generated summaries make it easier to get the latest status of work and surface key takeaways without having to switch between tools. Using Smart Summaries in Slack:

  • Copy an Asana task link in a Slack direct message or channel.
  • Select Summarize task in the quick actions.
  • Asana Intelligence will generate a preview.

Note: Content can only be summarized at the task level

Please note this feature is available for customers on all paid legacy and new plans. Learn more about this feature in our help center article.

And as always, let us know your thoughts and feedback in the comments below!

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