Including Subtasks in Dashboards

@Bastien_Siebman - Yeah if folks want that, they’d need to go to ClickUp or something. :joy:

I agreed that adding subtasks to the reporting dashboard as an option (as a standard or configurable option) is critical so I up vote this feature development too!

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Hi there, would love to know if there is any status on this new feature!

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Would love to know when subtask meta data like many others in this thread, we use a custom field for ‘story points’ and the subtask values not pulling through to the dashboard render it totally inaccurate. Was really disappointed to discover this :frowning:

If it had this feature, it would make using Asana as our project ‘source of truth’ undeniable! Does the Product Manager have any updates on when this might get prioritised :pray:


No update on this. This is the way subtasks were designed. We know for a fact that Asana is slowly adding features around subtasks to make them easier to use for those use cases.

In your case you can look at F2 and F3 🔥 Hottest feature requests and their workarounds Your best chance is to add the subtasks as tasks within the project by multi-homing them. This can be done with au automation (custom made).

Does not count numerical values ​​in subtasks in reporting, if you select the “project” grouping
Its all normal in another group

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Hi @Sv_Erick, thanks for reaching out!

Subtasks do not inherit the project from their parent tasks right now. For this reason, you will not see subtasks counted in the Dashboard unless that have been added to the project manually. You can affiliate subtasks with projects by going into the subtask details and using “Tab+P” to open the project field or by going to the upper right drop-down and selecting “Add to Project.”

I also suggest you to add your vote to this request: Allow to automatically add subtasks to project

I’ll make sure to keep you posted once I have any updates about this feature! :slight_smile:

Hi Rebecca :slightly_smiling_face:

Are there any updates on this thread, it’s definitely a crucial feature for using Asana as a SSOT?


As a workaround, Universal Reporting has this ability, right @Rebecca_McGrath ? So you could have a universal report on a single project.

Is there any update to this feature request ? Having dashboard filters pick up subtasks are very important, without it dashboard will be pretty much useless.

The workaround (associate subtask to the project itself) will likely cause a big mess since subtasks will show up on the top at the project level, which is definitely not something we want to see.

The workaround is to use Universal Reporting, even for a single project, because there you have the ability to include or exclude subtasks.

Hi all :wave: Good news! Subtasks will now be included in Charts by default :tada: We’re currently rolling this out so if you don’t have access to this yet, you will soon!