Visualise progress of subtasks at a glance

My team is using Asana to organise our projects in two main ways:
Large, one-off jobs for which we create a new project for with its various subtasks;
and smaller jobs using a recurring template.

These smaller jobs are frequent and short duration, so creating a whole new project is not convenient, so we have created one project for this type of job, with a task for each client. Each task has subtasks for the individual steps of the job, and the client’s task bubble moves through the various stages of the job towards completion.
This creates tasks with subtasks, and subtasks within subtasks, so a lot of clicks are required to see how the job is progressing overall.

The easier it is to track each job’s progress, the better we can prioritise jobs and the easier it is for team members to see which tasks they should pick up.

As it stands, it is hard to tell at a glance on the project board view, or even in the task’s information window, if the task has even been started or what subtask needs to be completed next, as each subtask will not be ticked ‘done’ until all of the subtasks within it are completed. Although we can see that there are multiple subtasks, we can’t see how many of them are done. There is a lot of back and forth clicking in and out of tasks and subtasks before a list with any completion ticks is visible.

This is making it harder for the team leader to quickly monitor progress, as they have to manually enter every subtask of each job to see where the team is up to, and it is more convenient to do this monitoring outside of Asana, verbally or by email, which is not ideal.

It would be very useful to have a sort of “progress display” of some sort which showed the proportion of subtasks within a task that are completed, and if you click on a subtask which has more subtasks of its own, another display showing progress on the subtasks might be visible, perhaps in a ratio format such as “4/6” indicating that of the 6 subtasks, 4 are ticked completed. A more “pretty” solution would be more of a “progress bar” which grew closer to full, the more subtasks were finished.

If anyone has a smoother way of using the program which achieves this outcome or suggestions they would be appreciated!

As an extra note to my post, this issue applies in the dashboard tab of a project, so although the project has dozens of subtasks, I can only see the completion status of tasks. So essentially I can see if a job is done, but can get no detail on how close it is to completion unless I go right into each individual job.

Hi @Samuel_Ewart

This is a great feedback. That visibility from a high level will be very helpful, especially if it is built within the platform directly
It can appear as a simple progress bar on the far end of the task name:
So if a task has 4 subtasks built within it, and one of them is complete, the bar will progress 25%

I have upvoted for this feedback.


As for the dashboard comment of including subtasks, I suggest you add your vote this thread Including Subtasks in Dashboards - #26 by Sv_Erick

this is something everyone is asking asana to do :slight_smile: