Task - Percentage completed

Could there be a feature added to show percentage completed for a tasks.
if we had a scroll bar to show how much complete a task is, then you could incorporate that into reports and also the major project you could automatically get a percentage of how the whole project is going at a glance. Alot of other task software such as Jira and droptask to name two have this ability and it allows for greater transparency for managers for reporting. It also helps for those tasks that do not have a date of completion, but you still need to know how it is going.


Hi @Scott_Higgins

While this isn’t currently possible at task level, you should definitely check out this thread:

I’ve been using the extension on a few of my projects and it works really well.


Thanks – yes I have that
But for tasks that have sub tasks, it would be helpful !




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I did something simple. I created a custom field called “Progress” and made it a dropdown list. I then added 0%, 10%… 100% as the choices.


It is a simple solution, but one that requires additional manual entry from the project manager. From a PM point of view, Asana already knows that I’ve competed 27 out or 50 tasks or 3 out of 5 milestones and should automatically calculate without having one more field to remember to update.


@Carol_Hanson I 100% agree with you!


raising my hand for this idea as well - it would be very very useful for the projects I’m PMing


Agreed! Would be spectacular to see progress meter, percentage, or a #/## task for tasks within a project, tasks within a subtask, etc. This one feature is what’s keeping me from implementing Asana.


Hi Asana Team,

Do we have or plan to have this feature of Asana showing how much percentage of subtasks is completed or how many subtasks out of total are completed?


I agree with all the comments here. It would be great to have this feature on Asana.


+1 to have a sub-task completion drive an overall task completion % and having that be able to drive progress to goal.

I too could really use this. Right now, I have to export my project to excel, paste it into a template that calculates the completion percentage, and go back and add the value for each task manually.

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This would be soo helpful! +1 to this request!