Percentage of progress and report - summary of tasks of projects of users

you should be able to add a percentage to the assigned tasks. and the administrator of the projects, to be able to have a daily report of all the users to see their tasks completed on the day and their percentages of progress of pending tasks.

Hi @Edwin-Saez. I’m genuinely curious about this, so I hope you don’t mind me asking a question: What is the value of seeing percentage completed? This feature has been requested a few times in the Community, and there used to be a Chrome extension that offered this feature (DoMetrix, which seems to have disappeared and is no longer supported), but I couldn’t see the point.

My team follows a template for each product development, consisting of 13 project milestones. Some of those milestones represent hours of work and some represent months. In our case, a progress percentage figure would show how many tasks had been completed, but not which ones or how long the remaining tasks would take. Unless each task represented a fixed amount of time and work, I really can’t see how knowing the percentage remaining tells me anything useful.

I’d be interested to know how you, or anyone else reading this thread, would use it in your project management.

@Edwin-Saez in some project you could add a custom field with a pre-defined list of progress for example (5%, 10%, 15%…) or use a number field or a tag…

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It’s used to manage project burndown rates, also to identify areas that may be at risk. If you’re getting close to a deadline and a task is only 20% complete, is it at risk of not being completed or do you have a major push at the end that will put it over the line? When reporting up the food chain, the main task percentages are rolled up into a project percentages to give the C-suite an assessment of the project. This can of course be qualified, based on as you described, hours, resources, etc. During project set up, it helps to mitigate expectations. Phase 1, we’ll get to 20%, Phase 2, 80%, and we’ll put it over the line in the last week with the last 20%…So when we’re in our meetings and we’re well into Phase 2 and we’re only at 21%, the team can evaluate the risk etc. It also helps the control freaks in the room who like to see numbers. :slight_smile: