Is it possible to see what percent of the task was completed if it has many subtasks nested inside?

As a user I would love to be able to see the percentage completeness of the task just by looking at the board. Is this possible?

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here is a post with some nice tips: Is there a way to display a project progress bar to show the % complete on all milestones and tasks? - #2 by lpb

You could also utilize the goal and subgoal feature to see %

I hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Welcome, @Ashley_Kim1,

If you’re talking about seeing a progress indicator for a task based on completion of its subtasks, I only know of a manual way to do that, perhaps with this emoji-as-meter display:

Perhaps the Everhour (time tracking) extension could help? It does some roll-up display info right in Asana, but I’m not sure if it can tally subtask completion or not.

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It would be possible to custom code something that would either update a custom field or append emojis to the name like Larry said!


I think this would be a great feature if we could have it. totally support as my company hate adding extra add-ons and so have blocked things like those mentioned above.

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