How to add progress bars to Asana projects

Hi Everyone,

Here’s a detailed explanation on how to add progress bars to your Asana projects by using the progress bar extension for Chrome.

It’s a free extension and you can get it here:

in order to update to the latest version just refresh your Asana window or type ctrl+r. the extension will automatically update with the latest version


So happy to finally have this available for everyone! :star_struck:


This is a HUUUUUUUUUUGE step in the right direction my friends even though it’s super simple. I love it! :slight_smile:

Now the next step of world domination would be:

  • have a drop down menu right next to “View More Insights DoMetrix” with options for “Total Progress” or “Layered Progress”

  • the “Total Progress” would be what it is now which I assume is simply adding the total number of tasks? Does it add subtasks too?

  • the “Layered Progress” would be a customizeable bars stacked on top of each other which can be:
    (top row bar) Total Progress
    (below row bar) Total Tasks Progress
    (below row bar) Total Subtasks Progress
    (below row bar) Certain Section Progress
    the “Sections” are just thing things within an Asana project that have a colon after it (ex: “Product X:”)


Thanks @Sam_Leahey!
I’ll see what of these can be included into the next update

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Really good job @Itai and @Eyal_Ronel !!! :unicorn:
And amazing how fast you build this after our exchange a couple of weeks ago.

I know some people who requested this feature, so I will recommend you to them.

One additional feature which would be nice:
To add weight: e.g. one Task is very important so it counts for 3 normal tasks etc.

Best and keep on building!


Thanks for the feedback @Sebastian_Paasch.

We’re happy to receive any suggestions for future feature, we’ll definitely consider your suggestions when taking the next steps.

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Hi @Itai and @Eyal_Ronel

I think I’ve just found a tiny bug in your extension. Once I installed it, I tried to create a conversation to share it with the rest of my team. When I did, I noticed that the ‘Post’ option had disappeared from the conversation box:

I disabled the extension and refreshed Asana, and it was back to normal:

When I re-enabled the extension, the same thing happened.

I thought you’d like to know so you can fix it in the net update. Aside from that minor thing, though, it’s a great extension. :+1:


Hi @Mark_Hudson, thank you for your feedback and for reporting this issue!

We were able to quickly reproduce it and fix it. no action is needed on your end - simply refresh asana and the updated version of the extension will make it’s way to you!

If that does not seem to fix the issue right away, clearing browser cache should do the trick :wink:

Please let know how it goes,


Perfect! Works a treat now. Thanks for the super-fast response, @Eyal_Ronel.


fastest customer support ever :1st_place_medal:


This is amazing! We currently use excel to track the progress, but this would be much easier :slight_smile: Question for you @Itai - I’ve enabled the extension on a couple of projects as a test before I bring to my team, but it seems to show 0% for the projects I’m tracking, even though some of the task have been completed. Most of our steps are sub-tasks, so I realize that the progress won’t be totally accurate, but I was hoping we would see some progress since a few of the main tasks have been completed:

Am I using this incorrectly? Thanks so much for this @Itai, it definitely will broaden our usage of Asana!

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Hi @Abby, Eyal from DoMetrix here - Happy to see you’re excited about this as we are!

I examined the scenario you mentioned and found what may sometime cause this to happen…
I applied a fix and would like to ask you to simply refresh Asana in order to have it applied to the progress bar.

Please try tracking another project and let me know if that takes care of it,

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Thanks so much @Eyal_Ronel! This is perfect :slight_smile:

Asana gets better and better for us everyday - makes my job as Change Champion so much easier when there are so many cool progressions / extensions / updates. Thank you again!

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Our progress bar also take subtasks into account :slight_smile:


Ahhh it just gets better and better!!!



Thanks for the cool extension! I quote @Sebastian_Paasch and add my 2 cents. Having the possibility to link the calculation to a “cost” custom field, that would be an awesome way to use the system as a SCRUM sprint! That would actually be ace! :slight_smile:

Well done guys!


Hi @Carlo ,
Thanks for your feedback, we’ll definitely consider it for the upcoming features :slight_smile:

Happy to share a small update - Expected Progress
We added another light-green area to showcase the expected progress for the current day. this reflects the possible progress to reach assuming all tasks scheduled for the current day will be completed.

Let us know what you think!
Eyal @DoMetrix :slight_smile:


We’re getting closer and closer to the epic layers I listed out in the beginning of this thread and I love it! :slight_smile:



Thanks @Sam_Leahey we’re definitely making some #productivity moves :slight_smile:

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