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Critical path(Timeline) – Asana Help Center (Understanding Dependencies in Project Management [2024] • Asana)calculation method in the function to highlight critical path in timeline is different from the critical path calculation method in the general project management field.
In the documentation, the Critical Path (Timeline) is described as follows:" Calculating your project’s critical path Your project’s critical path is the longest chain of dependent tasks that need to be completed for your project to be finished. However, subtasks are not included when calculating your critical path. Calculating how long it will take you to complete your project is done through task duration and dependencies between these tasks, including any time gaps."

Append: The result of executing the critical path is different between “Asana” and another company’s “PMsoftware”. I attach an image.

In addition,
Please refer to this document

In ISO21500, it states that “2.8 critical path sequence of activities that determine the earliest possible completion date for the project or phase”

The Gantt view has been added and there is an option to highlight the critical path, but I still find the display of the critical path unsettling.

In the figure below,
The critical path is highlighted as “1(1)-2(2)-4(3)-2(4)-1(5)”.
However, according to my understanding, “1(1)-2(2)-5(31)-2(4)-1(5)” is the critical path.


@Ka_Nishiyama I agree with you.

I’m not a fan of Gantt charts in general, but I’d thought I’d play around with it.

The way the Gantt view displays the critical path is incorrect. It should be the path that can’t afford any delays compared to planning.

I have the same experience, where it picks the wrong path.

@Marie @Emily_Roman Can you flag this for the involved team?

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Thanks for sharing your feedback, @Ka_Nishiyama and @Jan-Rienk!

I’ll create a task to our product team to investigate further and consider updates to critical path in future updates. I’ll let you know when I have any news :slight_smile:


I found out why the critical path calculation was strange.
It’s because there is no total number of days set for the tasks. Tasks have start and due date fields, but the start and due dates are both date fields, and there is nothing between them.

I noticed this when I was looking at this post.

I think duration would be a welcome addition anyway.

We’re not thinking in dates, we’re either thinking:

  • “when is this due and how long does this take” to calculate when to start
    or the other way round:
  • “when can we start and how long does this take” to calculate when it could be due

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Hi, @Jan-Rienk
Thank you for the information. This is the answer to the question about the period. It means that it can be set in the Gantt view. I’m wondering how it will be consistent with the timeline. I’ll check it out later.