"Highlight critical path" switcher not available

Hi, can someone tell me why “highlight critical path” switcher is not available in my “Gantt” interface?

“Expectation” image is from Improve critical path - #2 by Ka_Nishiyama

@Павел_Мелькин - welcome to the forum! I see the expected image in my environment. Can you confirm that you have tasks linked by dependencies in your project?


hi @Павел_Мелькин

It might have to do with it not working correctly at the moment, but that is a guess:

@Ka_Nishiyama FYI

@Павел_Мелькин - thanks for confirming. The fact that others (well, I) see this in their environment and you don’t, despite having a very similar setup, suggests that this might be a local bug. You can follow these steps to create a support ticket with Asana. Be sure to give them as much info as possible to accelerate the solution (e.g., project URL, screenshots, etc.):

Thanks Stephen, I will try it.