Timeline view very cluttered and no critical path

I upgraded my team to use the timeline view. However, our project takes around 12 months and have many different departments and personnel involved making the timeline view very complicated, cluttered and difficult to use. It would be great to include a critical path.

Thank you!

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Thank you, Natalia. I’ve never really use a forum before. Sorry for the mistake.


Ball Kov.

Don’t worry at all @Ball_Kovitchindachai. We are more than happy to help! :smiley:

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I agree. Our team is working to incorporate Critical Paths into our projects and are currently trying to find a ‘work around’ as there is not a clear ‘Critical Path’ option (like task, Milestone, etc.). Adding a Critical Path feature would be of great assistance to many projects and teams!


I’ve voted on this feature as well. While the timeline view is helpful; for longer projects where timelines are difficult to manage the farther out they go, a critical path option would be very helpful.

Since this post was published, has there been any update or details on whether or not Asana will be incorporating something to address this?

Agree with that critical path has to be implemented and visible

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Agreed, critical path would be beneficial on many levels.


Agree a critical path would be nice.


Hi there, I’m considering using Asana in the company I’m working for.
The absence of Critical Path looks like a showstopper. Is it in plans?

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Does Asana have a critical path feature?

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It would be amazing to be able to have critical path!!

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Hi All, a critical path would very benefitial - is there a plan for it to be implemented?