Auto calculate due date with duration & dependencies

I’m transitioning from Smartsheet and trying to replicate a feature I can’t work without. I have a Smartsheet template that auto calculates an approximate delivery date based on the start date; taking into account various general task dependencies, durations, holidays/weekends, etc. For example, if a project begins today then I will get a rough idea of when the design, engineering, packaging, etc are expected to be complete. Attached is an example, hopefully it makes sense. Is this feature possible in Asana?

Hi @Kyle_Roll and welcome to the forum!

Asana does not contain this feature. The only way to replicate the functionality you have is with my Flowsana integration; specifically what you want is the Dynamic Duration-based Workflow type (which I actually modeled heavily off of Smartsheet, in fact).

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Fantastic, thank you!

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Hello again @Phil_Seeman

I started using Flowsana and it’s working great, however I have a question about setting a project’s start date. The Flowsana FAQ says you can enter a start date and it will auto populate the due date, however Asana requires you to enter a due date. I currently get around that by setting a faux long due date, however this could lead to confusion down the road. Is there a way around this?

Hi @Kyle_Roll,

Sounds like I may need to re-word the FAQ to be clearer because Flowsana doesn’t auto-populate the project due date. Can you send me a link and point to where it says that in the FAQ? Thanks!

Perhaps I misread because I can’t find it now :confused: nonetheless is my current approach of entering a prolonged due date the best practice? (since obviously if using duration-based the due date isn’t known)

Additionally, I successfully created a template with Sections and Tasks, however I’m having an issue creating one with individual sub-tasks (attached for reference). Each sub-task has a dependency and duration, however it stopped auto-populating due dates after the 1st sub-task. I tried setting the main task to the same dependency as it’s sub-task, however it didn’t make a difference. The main tasks also show due dates of Today, not sure if there’s a work-around for this?

Sorry if pestering, I can also go through a proper support ticket is easier.

Thank you!

Hi @Kyle_Roll,

Yes, let’s handle this via Flowsana’s support system - I’m not wanting to clutter up the Asana forum with Flowsana-specific support questions. Thanks!!