Auto calculate due date with duration & dependencies

I’m transitioning from Smartsheet and trying to replicate a feature I can’t work without. I have a Smartsheet template that auto calculates an approximate delivery date based on the start date; taking into account various general task dependencies, durations, holidays/weekends, etc. For example, if a project begins today then I will get a rough idea of when the design, engineering, packaging, etc are expected to be complete. Attached is an example, hopefully it makes sense. Is this feature possible in Asana?

Hi @Kyle_Roll and welcome to the forum!

Asana does not contain this feature. The only way to replicate the functionality you have is with my Flowsana integration; specifically what you want is the Dynamic Duration-based Workflow type (which I actually modeled heavily off of Smartsheet, in fact).

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Fantastic, thank you!

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Hello again @Phil_Seeman

I started using Flowsana and it’s working great, however I have a question about setting a project’s start date. The Flowsana FAQ says you can enter a start date and it will auto populate the due date, however Asana requires you to enter a due date. I currently get around that by setting a faux long due date, however this could lead to confusion down the road. Is there a way around this?

Hi @Kyle_Roll,

Sounds like I may need to re-word the FAQ to be clearer because Flowsana doesn’t auto-populate the project due date. Can you send me a link and point to where it says that in the FAQ? Thanks!

Perhaps I misread because I can’t find it now :confused: nonetheless is my current approach of entering a prolonged due date the best practice? (since obviously if using duration-based the due date isn’t known)

Additionally, I successfully created a template with Sections and Tasks, however I’m having an issue creating one with individual sub-tasks (attached for reference). Each sub-task has a dependency and duration, however it stopped auto-populating due dates after the 1st sub-task. I tried setting the main task to the same dependency as it’s sub-task, however it didn’t make a difference. The main tasks also show due dates of Today, not sure if there’s a work-around for this?

Sorry if pestering, I can also go through a proper support ticket is easier.

Thank you!

Hi @Kyle_Roll,

Yes, let’s handle this via Flowsana’s support system - I’m not wanting to clutter up the Asana forum with Flowsana-specific support questions. Thanks!!

I may just be missing how to do this, but the dependencies feature seems a bit incomplete. If I have 3 subsequent serial tasks that each take a day and the first one slips one day, all of the others should slip by 1 day. Currently it seems like if a serial task slips, it just catches all of the subsequent tasks and just piles them on the new due date. At SpaceX we used Smartsheets quite a bit and the most important feature was the linking tasks with dependencies based on how the serial tasks affect each other. For example, we would make tasks A, B, and C. We would put A to be due on a Monday and then set task B to be done 2 days after task A and task C to be 1 day after task B. This would be shown on the calendar as task A on Monday, task B on Wednesday, and task C on Thursday. If a shipment or something was delayed by 1 week, we would simply push task A to the next Monday and tasks B and C would automatically move to the following Wednesday and Thursday. One benefit of this is that if you are working on a project with many dependencies you can see how different decisions will affect the schedule of the overall team and make decisions such as next day shipping or expedite costs since you can justify them based on how the overall team’s schedule is or isn’t affected. The UI for this was pretty simple, instead of selecting a calendar date on a dependencies, we would just put “task A + 2” or “task A + 2.5” and it would be linked.

Hi @TJB and welcome to the forum!

If you want more Smartsheet-like dependency behaviors, my Flowsana integration will give you those capabilities.

(Fun fact: Smartsheet was one of the main apps I used as a model in designing Flowsana.)

Hi @TJB, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! I believe we already have a thread on this topic, can you confirm if you would like the same feature requested here: Auto calculate due date with duration & dependencies? :slight_smile:

It definitely covers the same issue. Do you know how I could go about getting this added as a standard Asana feature rather than the additional integration? I’ll definitely give the integration a try for the interim though.

Thanks for confirming @TJB! I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the main thread to consolidate feedback. We don’t have immediate plans to implement this feature but I’ll keep the main thread updates if you have any news! Thanks for your feedback.

For everyone else in this thread, please add your votes so we can keep track of the feedback! Thanks!

Same problem here - I’ve written about it numerous times. Were I in charge of vendor selection, Smartsheet would have been my project management software of choice for content calendar + content process