Dependencies diagram view

I’d love to see a diagram of all of my tasks that either depend on other tasks, or that have tasks that depend on them. If I could visualize them, it would help me immensely. The timeline view is sort of helpful, but I don’t actually want to assign due dates to things, and I don’t want to have to drag each task into the timeline to see whether it has any dependencies or not.

+1 - This is very insightful. I could see how it would be useful.

I could not agree more. Not all of my tasks have hard due dates, but it would be great to have a network diagram of task dependencies.

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Yep, +1. I want to only show the critical path on the diagram…so can you exclude the >0 float tasks from the timeline?

I’m currently stumbling across the same limitation. It’d would be good to have a way to view this.

Is there any way to do that?

We definitively need this too!

Would love to have it as well!

+1 This feature would be really useful to me as well. I need to plan out a clear dependency tree before the meeting with the assignees where we actually decide the dates.

Agreed 100% ! Would love this feature

One more vote on this one. My project has dependencies, but not timelines. A dependency graph despite timelines would be super useful.