Can we get a quick timeline view of tasks with dependencies?

We would benefit greatly from being able to open Timeline view from within a task, showing the timeline view of that task and all it’s attached dependency tasks. Essentially, I’m asking for a button to the side of “Dependencies” that says “View On Timeline”.

Worded another way, I’d like a quick way of seeing Timeline ONLY the tasks associated (dependencies) with the task I have open.

I realize I can open Timeline view for these tasks by opening it from the Project Timeline level. However, some of our projects have a MOUNTAIN of tasks/dependencies and opening Timeline view can take quite a while to load up even on a PC with extremely fast direct network connections. Usually all I need to see is “this task only” on Timeline view.

Hi @Matt5,

I moved your post to the Product Feedback forum section so that you and others can vote for this suggested feature.