Timeline... but without dates

Hi! Was wondering if you would consider a feature that’s basically like Timeline, that still shows the dependency tracing, but doesn’t require dates. We were thinking about using a Timeline and multiple milestones within different sections to show real-time progress being made on several parallel workstreams (sections), and simply road-map planning which items need to be completed “at some point” before another, but in our particular case we don’t have specific “due” dates (and for various reasons would prefer not to put fake due dates on there :wink: But we do have some of the the dependencies mapped out, so thinking it could just be a chain of dependencies in sequential order.

Also wondering if you’d entertain the following:
The ability to create section dividers. Nothing fancy, just click and add a vertical line. (Thinking for now I’ll just use a dummy task span to handle that.)
The ability to hide the due dates on the timeline. One of the reasons I didn’t necessarily want to use fake dates, they’re visible, can raise questions, etc.

In short, can we create this view:
progress.pdf (58.4 KB)
but entirely within Asana? With Timelines and Milestones (two GREAT features), I feel like we’re REALLY close!

You should create a dedicated thread for this idea :slight_smile: