More robust dependency control

  • Be able to select connecting lines directly on the timeline to delete.
  • In the task view it would be helpful to also see what the task is blocking, not just what it’s being blocked by.
  • Easily create new blockers from the task view (maybe alongside the ‘Dependant on…’ strip at the top).
  • Make it super clear to add new follow-up tasks (maybe an expandable section at the top, alongside the ‘Dependant on…’ strip at the top).

  • Identify critical line through-out a project.

I love the idea of seeing what the task is blocking. I think it would be helpful to have a clear idea of who and what is waiting on you to finish the task!

Hey @asherterpstra, thank you for taking the time to share your great feedback with us!

I can certainly understand how these changes would really improve your Asana experience, thank you for going into detail and even attaching a picture to further show what you mean. We really appreciate it!

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No worries. Also, if the Asana projects recognised the critical line, it would be great if the person who is assigned the most important tasks were made aware that the task assigned to them is especially pivotal.