More robust dependency control

  • Be able to select connecting lines directly on the timeline to delete.
  • In the task view it would be helpful to also see what the task is blocking, not just what it’s being blocked by.
  • Easily create new blockers from the task view (maybe alongside the ‘Dependant on…’ strip at the top).
  • Make it super clear to add new follow-up tasks (maybe an expandable section at the top, alongside the ‘Dependant on…’ strip at the top).

  • Identify critical line through-out a project.

I love the idea of seeing what the task is blocking. I think it would be helpful to have a clear idea of who and what is waiting on you to finish the task!

Hey @asherterpstra, thank you for taking the time to share your great feedback with us!

I can certainly understand how these changes would really improve your Asana experience, thank you for going into detail and even attaching a picture to further show what you mean. We really appreciate it!

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No worries. Also, if the Asana projects recognised the critical line, it would be great if the person who is assigned the most important tasks were made aware that the task assigned to them is especially pivotal.

Sorry I’m relatively new here, so if this is a repeat of a request, please merge where appropriate!

I contributed to this post:

This is something I could really use as I work around Asana, but since that post isn’t an actual request, and I couldn’t find another, I wanted to create one.

I think it would be very useful if you see the information on a Predecessor Task the same way that you can a Dependent:

  • A logo indicating this type of task in List View. Since Asana doesn’t have “Priority” natively, this could help rank these tasks when going through a list as you’d know that if they don’t get done, the dependents can’t get started, either.

  • The info at the top of the Task Details view that shows the info on the Dependent Tasks, just like those Dependent tasks have now vis a vis Predecessor Tasks.

Thanks Guys!


I can see the thread with people discussing tips and tricks on how to view the task depencies in the actual task itself.

Here is my need - please folks jump in for your user case.

Task A - Me
Task B - You - this task is dpendant on Task A.
You will be notified when I complete Task A to start working on your Task.

In a project with several moving pieces and various dependencies, it would bevery helpful for me to see how many tasks are waiting on me to complete my task.

Any views?

Hi @Rashad_Issa and thank you so much for sharing your feedback with us!

There is an existing thread regarding this topic: More robust dependency control . If it’s ok with you I’m merging your post with it to consolidate feedback and votes.

Unfortunately I don’t have any information to share about this topic but I’ve gone ahead and escalated it internally. I’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as I get an update!

Thank you Rashad! Have a great week!


Sure - no issues, lets add all the dependencies feature into one place :slight_smile: Thanks Natalia!


Being able to see which tasks a task is blocking would be really helpful. At the moment, it’s easy for dependent tasks to get lost - especially if they are being completed by the same team member (as they don’t get an email notification).

Task dependency should have all the robust options of a typical Gantt chart, ideally it would emulate many of the core features of MC Project…but at a minimum:

  • ability to set a start date, set number of work days, and Asana would auto-calc the end date, taking into account (or not) weekends

  • Schedule a task based on preceding days; i.e., a preceding task should start x number of days before the start date of a dependent task

  • Schedule overlapping tasks; i.e., a dependent task can begin x number of days after the start of a preceding task

Thanks for consideration of these features.

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Hi @Alex_T have you tried using the timeline view of a project.

This is a great visual to show you what issues the project has with its dependencies.

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+1 for being able to see what tasks consider this task a dependency. Why is this feature left incomplete?

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agree – a small update to complete the dependency feature would help us greatly.

  • Ticket A, blocked by Ticket B: currently displays "Dependent on " at the top, so it’s easily trackable.
  • Ticket B: does not display anything prominently about blocking Ticket A, only in the changelog. Hard to easily/quickly see that this is blocking Ticket A.


  • complete the “dependency” feature w.r.t. displaying info


  • add "blocks " to the top of blocker tickets, i.e. Ticket B

Then you could have a blocker ticket sequence A → B → C, where at the top of ticket B:

  • B displays that it is both blocking A, and dependent on C

Beautifully explained Rory!
Yes, I think this would be helpful for viewing the project in the list view.
The current workaround is using the timeline view of the project to be able to see what is blocking what and so on. But I def see an added value to work of a list view and see the dependancies at both ends on the project.

Make sure you upvote this feedback please!

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