How to restrict the mention list to the project team



I’m trying to onboard a 3rd party company into my organization which has multiple internal teams and projects already. I figure the security settings for pretty much everything, however, I don’t seem to have an option to restrict the list of mentions to the team assigned to a specific project. Is there any way to tweak the settings to accomplish that?

Thank you!


Great question, @Henrique_Carvalho_Co.

To clarify, are you talking about the ability to @-mention a team or projects within a team?

If so, only folks that have access to a team or project will be able to @-mention it, and also to be able to see it. If someone doesn’t have access to the project, they would see a “Private Link” indicator instead (screenshot below).
Is that helpful, or are you referring to another type of mentions?


Hi Kaitie, thank you for the quick answer.

I meant when I open a task from a specific project and try to assign/mention someone to the task, the suggestion list has everyone within the organization and not just the people I set for the project. The problem for my particular case is:

  • My organization has couple thousand people which are set with @mycompany[dot]com
  • I set a project within the org “mycompany[dot]com” which is dedicated to managing a product between “” and “othercompany[dot]com”.
  • I created a team (lets call it “product-with-other-company-team”) which contains a small subset of “” and subset of “othercompany[dot]com” users
  • I don’t want “othercompany[dot]com” to see anyone outside of the set of users in “product-with-other-company-team” when list of suggested users are presented since this may represent a security, privacy breach.

Hope this clarifies the use case. More than happy to jump into a call if that would help.



Hi, I need help with this. Is there any number I can all to brainstorm on this issue?


Bom dia Henrique,
estamos com o mesmo problema em que todas os usuários conseguem atribuir seguidores, de outras equipes e mencioná-los (adicionando aos seguidores). Se a sua questão já foi resolvida e puder me enviar o feedback da solução que foi adotada lhe agradeço!


Top question !