Stop non-team members' names from popping up in comments and messages

We are a smallish unit within a much larger organization. Many of our projects are highly confidential. Unfortunately, when we try to @mention a team member, Asana begins to offer us the choice of any non-team member who has the same first few letters in their @mention identifier. This poses a real security risk. How can we stop it?


You currently can’t that’s the way the tool always has been, it aligns with Asana’s vision of open collaboration…

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One would think that there would also be a confidentiality function… Why not an open collaboration default and an option for confidentiality configurations? Or, at a minimum, a pop-up inquiry (ie “This person is not on your team. Do you still want to @ them?”)

Hi @Pamela_Metzger
This matter is very important.
(I can’t find it right away, but it’s an issue that has been discussed on the forums for quite some time.)
I also strongly hope for a response, so I will vote for it.

P.S. Is this it?


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Because I believe it could conflict with the “no silos” philosophy Asana has and annoy you with popup often? Just trying to guess

Recently, I have found myself desiring to avoid this once more.

Primarily, perhaps it would be advantageous to have the option to choose “do not display.”