Feature request: Confirm if mentioned @name is not part of private project group

We have a lot inhouse people and guests in our Asana projects. Basically every private project has own project group defined.

every now and then you are writing a message to task and tag/mention someone by @name, you may tag incorrect person (similar name, but different person). In this case the incorrect person will get a notification that someone has tagged/mentioned them, but have nothing to do in project or task the message is about.

Could there be a feature that checks if the tagged person is part of private project group → and if not, would ask confirmation to send the message, example: You are mentioning people from outside of this project and they will be informed. Should we send the message and add @name as follower? …or something like that.

This currently does not exist indeed, and I believe it is seen by Asana as a “feature”: no silos is their mantras. But I definitely understand where you are coming from.

Yeah, I definitely agree that mentioning people outside of the private project needs to be possible :slight_smile: Confirmation would be useful to prevent mistakes in @name mentioning (and save time when you do not need to figure out why you was mentioned / send message that mistake happened)