Mentioning External Asana Accounts on Private Projects

Hi all,

Hoping anyone can help.
We are mistakenly mentioning a previous work colleague on projects on asana.
We have multiple ‘Daniels’ at our work so every time a collague starts to mention ‘@dan’ on a project a previous work colleague asana account comes up as an option to select and has been mistakenly mentioned on occasion & this allows them access to make changes to the project and also delete projects too… which is worrying.
We want to prevent this happening, can anyone advise?

Hi @Thomas72 ,

Welcome to the forum! Have you removed this user from your organization/workspace? Doing so should prevent people from inadvertently tagging/assigning them. You can do so from the admin console > Members.

Hi Stephen, thank you.
They are not on any of our organisations teams nor a member of the organisation, is there somewhere else I would need to remove them from?

@Thomas72 - To confirm, you’ve gone into the admin console, gone to the member list, and confirmed that this user is not there, right? If so, they should not be available for tagging/assignment. I am not aware of any other steps you’d need to take to remove them.

If you are still seeing them after doing this, you might need to work with Asana support (go to this link and use the chatbot in the bottom right to submit a ticket).

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Thank you Stephen, you are right! fixed.

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