Guest leaving an organization

@Marie or @Natalia,

I want to be careful here so could you let me know when you have a chance if this is safe:

I’m a guest ( in an organization ( and want to now remove myself from

Since I’ve also become a member of the org now, necessarily with a different email address with the org’s domain,, I want to be sure no longer appears in the assignee typeahead choice in so that only appears. (I’ve already changed task assignments, collaborators, project, and team members from to so this is the last step I need to do (I think–am I forgetting anything?).

Can I do this safely by being logged in as and selecting in my avatar menu and then doing Avatar menu > More > Remove me from this Organization as shown in


I want to be particularly careful about this because is my main Asana account and is a member of many other organizations/workspaces.

In the Asana Guide, I believe it says that doing Remove me from this Organization will actually delete the email address from Asana and potentially disable access to Asana if you’re logged in as an Organization Member; since I’ll be doing this as a Guest, can you confirm that it will not delete, it will just remove the association of it to this particular organization and do nothing more? Is this safe, or is there a safer way?



Hi Larry and thanks for the mention!

I would really encourage you to reach out to our Support team for extra safety. With your email address anonymized, it’s hard to think of all consequences on your account. Our support team will be able to take a look into your account and provide you with a better answer! From what I gathered I think you’re pretty safe, but again I would highly recommend double-checking with your support team!

This is only the case for Organisation Members; since you’re Guest of this Organisation, this warning doesn’t apply to your situation :slight_smile:

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@Marie, Thanks very much. I followed up with Support as you suggested and they checked into it and confirmed it should work as expected, and it has! Maybe the documentation could be a little more clear by laying out the behavior for Guests since it does so for Members but not explicitly for Guests. In any case, I’m set, and now this thread is complete in case anyone else runs into this.

Thanks again,


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