How to remove someone from work organization if that person and their email address no longer exist or can't be contacted?

Recently I joined a new company and took it upon myself to create an organization for us within asana using our company email address.

To my surprise, when I created it, while it only showed myself under members of the organization, when I clicked to assign tasks, the accounts of 5 prior employees pop up on that list. Some with our work email and some with personal emails.

I couldn’t figure out how to remove them but I managed to get into one of the past employee’s asana accounts to remove 3 of these people and themselves.

The problem is there is one person with that I have no way to disconnect. They were an old VA with a personal Email account from another country. I read in asana support that the only way to remove them is to re-invite them to the organization, and then deactivate them. That’s fine but what about people that are no longer around or refuse to do this?

I have no access to this person, they don’t respond to emails, and quite frankly it’s a bit weird to have to reach out to former employees to ask them to rejoin asana so we can re-boot them. especially if they left on bad terms.

The only place I see this person is when assigning tasks. Nowhere else.

How can I remove this person? I’m the admin of the org but it’s very annoying.


Have you tried removing/deprovisioning them when you’re both on the same team?

Follow the steps at the end of this:

Otherwise, request help at .

FWIW, you may be interested in my post here too:

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