How do I completely remove a team member?


When I want to assign a new task, team members who are no longer part of my organization continue to show up as options. How can I completely remove someone from Asana’s “memory”?


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You can remove someone from your Asana instance by deprovisioning the user. Steps here:



we are on the free version, so how do I completely remove someone on this package level?

How can i see who is the administrator of our account?


While there aren’t any admins in a non-premium Organization, you can remove a user by removing them from a team and then clicking the deprovision link that appears:


I invited someone with an error in the email… I can’t seem to find where to delete this person’s information from appearing in the search when I want to assign tasks properly. I am currently trying the free version and it has no teams or dashboard or any of that… just projects and tasks… How can I get this to stop appearing when I type in the search bar?


This will depend on whether you’re in a Workspace or an Organization. To figure out which you’re in, you can:

  1. Click your profile photo in the upper right corner of the Asana top bar. The name of your Workspace or Organization will be just to the left of this profile photo.
  2. Select “[name of your Workspace or Organization] Settings” from the dropdown. If you don’t see this option, you must be a Guest and will have to attain membership to remove someone.
  3. See if the modal that appears says “Organization settings” or “Workspace settings” at the top.

If you’re in a Workspace, you’ll want to follow these instructions to remove this user:

If you’re in an Organization, you’ll want to follow the instructions from the previous reply.


Thanks Kevin… I actually think I am in a Workspace, but removing them and reassigning their tasks does not stop them from showing up when I start typing anything beginning with similar search text… How can I erase this “memory” from the software?


Are you in Personal Projects by any chance?

We’re actually in the process of deprecating Personal Projects and because we’re no longer maintaining them, there are some bugs, e.g., removed users stay in the typeahead.

If this is the case (and the bug is annoying enough to you), I’d recommend creating a new Workspace for yourself. If you’re not in Personal Projects, can you take a screenshot of your Workspace Settings where you have your member list?

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Yes… I just joined and that is what was there Personal Projects and I have about a dozen projects now… Are you saying these are going to vanish? :dizzy_face: How can I get them over to where they are supposed to be?


Don’t worry - they’re not going anywhere! If you don’t mind the little bugs here and there in Personal Projects, you can keep using them as is.

If you’d rather work in a Workspace, you’ll want to create one following these instructions:

Then, you can use this third-party tool to copy your projects from Personal Projects into it:


Can I add a question here?

I have an organization with multiple teams. When I started, I was in a workspace and I and my assistant used our personal email addresses. Later I decided I should move to an organization and have everyone working with me join me through their domain email.

I added the domain based email addresses to the appropriate teams.

My assistant works using two different emails in Asana depending on the team she is on. She uses her domain based email for all the projects where she works directly with me. She uses her personal email for some stuff we do together that comes to her personal address (not related to work directly to me). When she is doing work related to our church, she uses her personal email. When she is doing work related to my personal business, she uses her domain email.

This is not a huge deal but it is irritating. When I go to assign her a task in the team for our domain, both her personal account and domain account show up. I know I could deprovision her but I don’t want to do that because she does need her personal address to work in our other space.

While I did remove her personal address from the work team and leave it in the personal team, they both still show up in either place when there is a task to assign her.

Hope this is as clear as mud.


I think I see what you’re getting at here.

It sounds like your co-worker has two Asana accounts, and you’ve invited both of them into your Organization.

I recommend that she merge these accounts.

It may be important to note that Asana accounts (emails) can be associated with any number of Asana Workspaces or Organizations. Each of these Workspaces and Organizations are completely separate from one another, but you can use one account to access them all.

Your co-worker can merge accounts by following these instructions:

Once she’s done so, she’ll be able to access all her spaces when logged in with either address, and you’ll also only see her once in your Organization.

As an example, I have my work and personal email address in my one account, and I’m a member of my work Organization, as well as some personal Workspaces.


Good… #PanicAvoided


Hi…using the free version as an organization and was able to remove members and am sure that I clicked on the deprovision option but still appears in the dropdown when I click on the assignee tab. The member no longer appears in the member list and is no longer part of this company so am not sure how to now remove to no longer see anywhere. Thanks


Hi @Michelle_Miller - it sounds like due do the specificity with your account this is something that the support team will need to help you with. Please reach out to them at / and let them know Alexis sent you. :slight_smile:


Thanks very much for this tip! One note about the transfer utility – it only moves projects. All the tasks in my Personal Projects were in sections in My Tasks, with no projects. It was basically just a long to-do list. I had to move them into a project before the transfer utility could move them to my new personal workspace.


How do I remove someone, in my personal projects? One of my ex-collegue is shown on my personal projets, there’s no edit members on my personal projects, so I can not remove him? What should I do?


Hi @Abdurrahman_Kocak - Have you tried going to Member Notification settings? You can remove individuals from any given project using the notification settings feature.


Hi! So, when I created the organization for my company I found out that a former employee had created an Asana organization under our domain and never actually used it or even told anyone about it. I managed to “rescue” our Organization, clean it out and start over. But I keep seeing every user ever - every person who’s had an email on our domain - even though they have been removed. I can’t find a way to deprovision people who are not on the member list to begin with, but they show up on search and task assignment. Any help?


Hi @Leticia_Magalhaes,

Thanks for describing your situation in such detail! We’ll need to learn more background information to help you with this issue. Due to the sensitive nature of the information, our support team will be happy to help! Please send these details to :slight_smile: