Removing a teammate after they leave the organization


We had a teammate leave the organization. She had set up several teams and projects with tasks. A new employee is using her old computer, but her own login and email address. Her opening “My Task” screen shows the old employee’s ID. Is there a way to remove this and have the new employee visible in the opening screen.
Also, if we remove a creator of a project from a team, does it delete or alter the project and tasks?

Removing members

Hey @Jerry_Wright, if you had a teammate leave the organization, I’d definitely recommend deprovisioning that user from your organization.

If you are a free organization, you can remove the person following these steps here:

In the event that you’re in a premium organization, the admin of your organization can remove users:

Once you have removed the old employee, I’d recommend creating a new account for the new teammate.

Lastly, if you remove the creator of a project from the team, this will NOT alter the project in any way.

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Thank you - this was helpful!



I wanted to remove some of the member who are not part of any projects and they are keep on appearing in the dropdown when I assign the task to existing members of the project. I don’t know how to do it?

Can anyone help me?

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Go to the Organization settings > Member, that should do the trick! Tell us if you don’t find.

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HI @Nitin_Kothari

Allow me to dig in a bit deeper on this with you, though Bastien & NIcola are absolutely right. Please note, I’ve merged your post with an existing thread a previous community member has asked before.

It’s possible that you removed them from a team (in a free Organization), but did not remove them from the Organization itself. This is why they may not be showing in any teams, but will still appear in the typeahead when you’re assigning tasks.

Please follow these instructions to fully remove this person:

  1. Access any team’s Settings from the sidebar:
  2. Navigate to the Members tab
  3. Invite this person you want to remove:
  4. Immediately after inviting, find their name in the Members list, and use your mouse to hover over their name
  5. Click Remove
  6. Then, click Remove Access
  7. Finally, click Deprovision

Note that it is 3 clicks: Remove > Remove Access > Deprovision

You must click all 3. The second click removes the person from the team, and the third click fully removes them from your Organization. For a visual demonstration, please have a look at the GIF in this article:

Hope this helps!


Thanks for response, I am using the free account, In my organization setting, it is displaying following message. image


HI All,

I’m not seeing EXACTLY the answer I’m looking for above, or elsewhere online, so I’m hoping that someone can clarify deprovisioning/removing an organization member for me.

We are a small organization and heavily depend on Asana for our workflow. One of our colleagues has just left our organization and, following best offboarding practices, I want to remove her access from all of our software, including Asana.

When I look up how to remove her from our organization, I see several people citing that deprovisioning an account is the answer to removing someone from an organization. However, if I am understanding that process correctly, all of the tasks previously assigned to her will be moved to a project that only I can see so that I can reassign them to someone else?

I’m hesitant to deprovision her account, because I want to still be able to see her tasks in the original projects they sit in and I want to see that they are her tasks. I will reassign as I go along, but I don’t want to strip her presence out of each project just yet.

Is there another way to “freeze” her access besides deprovisioning her account? Or am I misunderstanding the deprovisioning process and it does exactly what I’m looking to do? I have not wanted to pull the trigger to find out, so I’m stuck until I can get a clear and confident answer to this question.

Thank you!!


Thanks Bastien, it did worked well.