Domain HELP!

I was the first one to sign up for Asana in our company. I used my work email, which created an organization using my company email address in my account. My employer signed up second and is now unable to use it to create or convert their workspace, because it’s in my account. I have contacted customer support a dozen times, rewording only to receive the SAME response. It will NOT allow me to delete my email/domain even after entering an additional email address.

How do I fix this? Is there a way to actually speak to a live person? This has been such an ordeal I’m almost ready to throw in the towel and try some other software. HELP!

Can you clarify what you want to do exactly? Did you consider either leaving the account (can be done through the menu below your profile picture) or ask support to make your boss the admin?

Others should be able to join and then you can change the admin in the admin console. I started our organization originally, but now the org is using it and I’ve handed the “keys” over to IT to manage the account.