Accidently converted workspace to organization

Hello. I accidentally converted a peroanal workspace to an organization, thinking I might get some of the bells and whistles I am used to having with my work’s paid orginization account. I didn’t. Infact, I lost the ability to rename it because evidently that’s a premium feature for orginizations.

This workspace was just used for personal tasks for myself and one family member, it does use an email address with a personal domain name, let’s call it “” . Now that it is an orginization, “” now seems to be bound to it.

I’ve since purged all tasks and projects from this organization and created a new workspace and readded my tasks there, but I can’t add my email addres ( to the workspace without being forced to be readded to the unwanted organization too.

Can I delete my unwanted organization? No one else is using it.
Can I “undo” the workspace to organization upgrade?
Can I unbind my domain name from the unwanted organization so I can use it with a separate workspace without having to see the unwanted organization in my list?

Any tips or tricks, or direction for personalized support in this matter would be helpful.



You need to contact support directly, they might be able to help.

Have a nice day.

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